Vodafone evaluates your smartphone online, collects it and sends you a bank transfer!

Vodafone evaluates your smartphone online, collects it and sends you a bank transfer!

Vodafone evaluates your smartphone online

Vodafone has recently launched the Digital Trade In service in Italy which allows customers to estimate the value of their used smartphone and, once delivered, to receive the amount directly into their current account via bank transfer. Vodafone's goal adds to the actions that the red operator has taken to encourage a more responsible and sustainable use of technology by extending the life of smartphones.

To offer this new service to its customers, Vodafone has a partnership with Recommerce . The procedure is very simple and fast: via the My Vodafone app or via the Vodafone website, going to the dedicated section, first of all you will need to indicate the name of your device (also selecting the correct memory size) of which you intend to estimate the value, after which simply answering simple questions allows evaluation of cosmetic and functional conditions such as touch sensitivity, screen condition, working pixels, camera capabilities and cosmetic condition. In a few minutes the system will indicate an initial estimate of the value of the device.

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Once the tests have been completed, the estimate will have a fixed price for 15 days and if the customer agrees to proceed with the trade-in, he will have to deliver the smartphone to a UPS collection point with free shipping. The device will be delivered on behalf of Vodafone to Recommerce which will carry out a second evaluation to verify its status and functionality. If the requirements are met, the smartphone will be deemed suitable for the trade-in, the customer will receive the credit of the amount established in the first or second evaluation by bank transfer to their current account. The delivered devices will be sold as refurbished or, alternatively, will be recycled in a responsible way.

The Digital Trade service It is part of the Vodafone Smart Change programme, thanks to which the customer can deliver the old device to a Vodafone store, then the smartphone can be regenerated or the materials can be recovered, while the customer receives a discount on the purchase of a new one smartphone.

The project, as anticipated, is part of Vodafone's desire both in Italy and globally to achieve "net zero", i.e. zero emissions throughout the chain by 2040 thanks also to a partnership with WWF called "One million phones for the planet". To further increase its green commitment, Vodafone (the only telecommunications company in Italy, in collaboration with other Telco companies in Europe) has launched Eco Rating, a system that makes it possible to know the environmental impact of smartphones throughout their life cycle, from production process, passing through use and up to disposal.