Here's how Tineco redefines floor cleaning with FLOOR ONE S5

Here's how Tineco redefines floor cleaning with FLOOR ONE S5

Thorough cleaning of one's home is essential for everyone and Tineco, being aware of this peculiarity, has always paid particular attention to the development of products capable of satisfying the different needs of customers. FLOOR ONE S5 represents the union of many of these needs, becoming the perfect product to guarantee floors that are always sanitized and shiny. Thanks to its distinctive characteristics, this model is able to satisfy the requests of users looking for an effective and high-performance scrubber dryer.

The 3 characteristics that distinguish FLOOR ONE S5

1. Running water cleaning system

As we know, the traditional floor cleaning system, which involves the use of mops and detergents, does not guarantee deep and hygienic cleaning. Indeed, the dirt remains trapped in the bristles of the mop and is deposited again on the floor during the next cleaning. To overcome this problem, Tineco has developed an innovative running water cleaning system for its FLOOR ONE S5, consisting of four sequential phases that ensure total cleaning of the surfaces.

The operation is simple but effective: water is released onto the moving brush roll which, at high speed, removes dirt, while the dirty water is drawn into a separate tank. This cleaning system is reliable and guarantees floors that are always hygienic and clean.

2. Sanitization-proof self-cleaning and drying

Tineco is renowned for the production of highly efficient scrubbers, able to guarantee impeccable cleaning and an effective self-cleaning process for the brushes. However, not all cleaning methods are created equal and some can even promote the growth of bacteria. According to a study by Zwietering et al in 1994, increasing the temperature can facilitate the growth of bacteria. Therefore, the use of jets of hot air below 100° could cause the dispersion of microorganisms in the environment.

On the contrary, during the self-cleaning process of the FLOOR ONE S5, the brushes are dried and spun for ensure deep and complete cleaning, also eliminating dirt residues and bad odours. Tineco is committed to providing a hygienic and safe cleaning system for all households.

3. Cleaning smarter with the Tineco iLoop Smart Sensor

A quality scrubber it must be able to automatically adapt to different cleaning situations by adjusting the water flow, suction power and roller speed. Thanks to the integrated iLoop sensor, Tineco is able to offer useful maintenance reminders, cleaning reports and other useful resources along the way.

In addition, iLoop makes automatic cleaning level adjustments in real time, without users having to lug around heavy water tanks. The Tineco scrubber calculates suction power and water flow based on cleaning needs, constantly monitoring the process to ensure maximum energy efficiency. This results in an increase in power for the toughest dirt and a reduction in power in the cleanest areas, thus maximizing battery life and saving water and energy.

Other interesting features of FLOOR ONE S5

In addition to the three fundamental points outlined above, FLOOR ONE S5 has numerous other features that make it one of the best and most innovative products in the scrubber dryer sector.

For even greater ease of use, let's not forget in fact, the animated LED display, which allows easy monitoring of all the functions.

Furthermore, thanks to the larger tanks and the optimization of consumption, you will be able to clean for a good 35 minutes in cordless mode, allowing you to clean larger areas of dirt without interruption.

Finally, let's not forget the exclusive brush design that allows precise cleaning along edges, baseboards and in the most difficult corners. ili , without the risk of damaging anything.

If you want to find out more about FLOOR ONE S5, we advise you to consult the official product page on the Tineco website.

We also point out that in these days an offer is underway on Amazon with which you can save €90 on the purchase of Tineco FLOOR ONE S5.