Free PC game: Steam offers a crazy FPS, but you have little time to redeem it

Free PC game: Steam offers a crazy FPS, but you have little time to redeem it

Free PC game

These days, passionate PC gamers can count on the Steam Spring Sale. Thanks to this opportunity, anyone with an account to access Valve's client can wallow in discounted games, but not only. To celebrate this highly anticipated event, Steam has also decided to give away a free game that will surely appeal to fans of a well-known 2K FPS franchise.

The game in question is Assault on Dragon Keep by Tiny Tina: A unique adventure in the Wonderlands , and it is a new experience that comes to life within the crazy fantasy world of Tiny Tina. The title in question, born as an expansion of the beloved Borderlands 2, has now become a real stand-alone title that can also be played regardless of having played the second chapter of the Borderlands series.

--> In this first-person shooter with RPG elements, players will face a real assault on a dragon's fortress. Dungeons to explore, skeletons to destroy and gigantic golems to fight; in this title developed by Gearbox Studio there is still a lot of room for fun and irony, thanks to the presence of Tiny Tina and a group of crazy characters.

If you are interested in making your Assault on the Tiny Tina's Rocca del Drago: A unique adventure in the Wonderlands without spending a single cent, you can redeem the game comfortably at this address. But hurry, as this free game won't remain free for long, given that this unmissable offer will remain free until 18:00, Italian time, on March 23, 2023; date on which the current spring sales will also end.

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