Pimoroni's new "console" stick uses two Raspberry Pi chips

Pimoroni's new console stick uses two Raspberry Pi chips

Pimoroni has announced its new Digital Video Stick ( DV Stick ), a “versatile game console” that can easily connect to your TV or monitor, equipped with two RP2040 chips that allow you to efficiently manage the frame buffer and the display. The DV Stick is similar in shape to a Chromecast and has a built-in HDMI connector. In addition, you can use a wired peripheral through the USB port or pair a wireless controller or keyboard through Bluetooth connectivity.

The device can play the same games as Pimoroni's PicoSystem handheld console, launched in 2021, and can run the MicroPython REPL directly on the device, allowing you to start a prompt, write and execute code. But the DV Stick isn't just a console: thanks to the Picographics Micropython library, it can also be used for displaying information. In fact, you can write a simple program and connect the device to a display to view it.

The dual RP2040 chip allows you to have one CPU that does the software processing and another that just handles the display. Each has its own PS RAM, resulting in more memory available than the standard 264K of the RP2040/Raspberry Pi Pico chips. Thanks to this solution, the device can efficiently manage applications, without overloading them.

Jon Williamson and Paul Beech, founders of Pimoroni, are excited about the new item and hope manufacturers will find new ways to use it. “ It's a bit strange, but we like the concept so much that we didn't worry too much about the actual utility ” – declared Williamson.

A couple of months ago, we also told you about Pimoroni Picade, a small Raspberry Pi-based cabinet that allows nostalgic retrogamers to go back in time and play the most historic and iconic titles of the time. For more information, we advise you to read our previous dedicated article.