Bugatti, this is how a supercar is painted

Bugatti, this is how a supercar is painted


Bugatti specializes in the creation of hypercars designed and assembled with unparalleled quality and the entire bodywork painting process takes between 600 and 700 hours, a time frame in which they can be produced in full many commonly used cars; painting a Bugatti involves superimposing 8 layers of material, a process that requires time and money.

To produce a Bugatti Chiron – which has a starting price close to €3 million – it takes around 9 months from configuration to delivery: during these months 20 ultra-skilled workers assemble the 1800+ parts that give life to the car, and of these 9 months plus one is spent painting the car. Anyone who works with paint knows that preparing the surface is an aspect of crucial importance for obtaining a perfect result, and Bugatti is literally obsessed with this aspect, so much so that it has an internal metrologist, i.e. a scholar specialized in precision measurements who he will take care of verifying that the panels used for the bodywork are absolutely perfect.

Once the panels have been evaluated, you can start with the first and second layer of primer with an intermediate step dedicated to smoothing the primer; then we move on to the first layer of clear coat, which is applied and sanded over and over again. After about 100 hours of preparation, the panels are ready to actually be painted.

“Painting one of Bugatti's hypercars requires not only great experience, but also constant commitment and the ambition to always achieve the very high quality standards of the brand, week after week, car after car.” said Simon Vetterling, bodywork specialist at Bugatti.

--> Once the paint has been applied, the panels are examined by a team who check that the colors are correct, and if not, the panel is sent back to the body shop: this step can present various difficulties given the variety of colors and surfaces to which they are applied.

Bugatti Chiron SS --> After the paint job has been declared complete, we move on to polishing: it takes 4 days to polish a Bugatti to perfection and during this stage the car is studied from various angles, with a variety of lights, to verify that everything is Perfect. This is how a Bugatti is painted, a very long, exaggerated process, but in line with the value of cars worth millions of euros.