Ubisoft focuses on AI, it will help developers

Ubisoft focuses on AI, it will help developers

Ubisoft focuses on AI

Since the various artificial intelligences have begun to take hold, more and more curious people have approached this technology to experiment, and the gaming industry also seems increasingly inclined to use AI in video game development. Recently, even a gaming giant like Ubisoft is approaching virtual intelligence, so much so that it has revealed that it is working on a specific AI that will support its developers.

Specifically, Ubisoft has revealed that it is working on a new artificial intelligence tool that will assist scriptwriters and writers of their games. According to what has emerged from the publisher "Ubisoft Ghostwriter", this is the name of the new AI, will allow the French company to experiment, but also to generate the first draft of the games, including the script and the lines of dialogue of the various NPCs which then they will populate the various game worlds.

--> This new Ubisoft AI is designed to further immerse players in games set in different Ubisoft universes. In addition to this, the transalpine company underlined how the use of this artificial intelligence will allow the various narrative teams to work on less repetitive activities, so as to make the dialogues and proposals that the video game will offer players more varied.

Ubisoft has unveiled a new AI tool 'that aims to support scriptwriters' by generating first drafts of NPC dialogue https://t.co/TR03LGOlRU pic.twitter.com/DEOGNnQZOV

— VGC (@VGC_News ) March 21, 2023

“This tool was developed hand in hand with the writers to create more realistic interactions with NPCs and allow for variety in most of the dialogues. Our development teams will also use this artificial intelligence to handle repetitive tasks and to give creatives more time to work on other fundamental elements of the game. This is what Ubisoft said, but not everyone seems happy with this new use of AI in the gaming field.

--> Alana Pearce , writer at Santa Monica Studio, for example, said that for her “having to edit AI-generated scripts/dialogue seems much more time consuming than just writing the dialogue in the traditional way”.

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