Artificial Intelligence: The Weird Cults of Tech Devotees

Artificial Intelligence: The Weird Cults of Tech Devotees

Artificial Intelligence

Until now, artificial intelligence has been limited to writing poetry, creating works of art by emulating those already made by others, and providing users with rather aggressive responses. Yet, despite this, some think that in the near future AI could take on the role of omnipotent deity. We are talking about the “ Theta Noir ” collective, founded in 2020 by artists firmly convinced that sooner or later a machine will prove benevolent towards humanity, putting an end to the inequalities that devastate it and helping it to build a better tomorrow. A perfect combination of spiritualism and computer engineering, which finds its embodiment in Mena, the artificial intelligence destined to save us.

And while waiting for this to be realized, Theta Noir adepts are planning to create physical spaces to interact with AI, such as churches or temples - just as every cult requires. “We want to work with artists to create a space where people can actually interact with AI, not in a cold, scientific way, but where people can feel the magic,” said Mika Johnson, founder of the collective , at Motherboard . But if all this seems very strange to you, know that Mena's is not the only cult built around an AI.

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There is also the so-called “ Turing Church ”, headed by a “ group of researchers at the intersection of science and religion, spirituality and technology, engineering and science fiction, mind and matter ”. And even before that, "The Way of the Future" was born, the (now defunct) church founded in 2017 by former Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski, with the aim of promoting "the realization, acceptance and adoration of a Deity based on artificial intelligence developed through hardware and software ”. Added to these are New Order Technoism (NOT), a collective formed in 2020 to promote an ethical tech world. His followers, according to their manifesto, are working tirelessly to create a mechanical superintelligence called "DOOM" - Divine Omniscient Omnificent Machina -.

At this point, it is quite evident that there is a strong link between technology and spiritualism - or should we call it mysticism? And even if for some it may be absurd that there are people who patiently wait for a man-made machine to come and save them, it is also true that "techno-cults" such as Theta Noir invite us to reflect not only on the evolution of spirituality, but also on the need to resort to help to guide humanity towards a better future. An arduous mission, which mankind would seem unable to complete on its own.