Mayans MC fifth and final season release date and teaser

Mayans MC fifth and final season release date and teaser

Mayans MC , the Sons of Anarchy spin-off TV series (which you can catch in full on Amazon ), will end with season 5 , of which FX recently revealed the release date through a teaser trailer . According to CBR recently reported, the final season of the series currently on Disney Plus will be released in May , with the first episode slated for the 24th of the month. What should we expect from the finale?

Release date and teaser of the fifth and final season of Mayans MC

--> FX has finally revealed the Mayans MC season 5 release date, accompanying the announcement with a teaser trailer that, in its terribly subtle, feels more wordy and clear than ever. In the video, published on the You Tube channel of the same network, we see the protagonists racing on their motorcycles in a black and white colored desert, while something dark, like death itself, chases them without giving them any respite, crawling behind them with disarming ease.

CBR has reported some details on the new ride of the Mayans M.C., anticipating that their latest journey moves in the direction of the Central Valley of California , and recalling that it is a spin-off that debuted during 2018 , taking place two and a half years after the main events of Sons of Anarchy. Below is its synopsis:

The story of Mayans M.C. centers on Ezekiel 'EZ' Reyes, president of the group on the Cali-Mexico border. EZ has decided to lead his brother Angel and the city of Santo Padre in a bloody war against their rivals Sons of Anarchy. Defending the territory will lead to a series of clashes and sacrifices within the club, which will cause tensions between EZ and Angel.

--> For now we still don't know what to expect from the fifth season of Mayans M.C. , even if the recently released teaser seems to speak clearly in terms of struggles and future sacrifices that the protagonists will have to deal with in the latest narrative arc arriving in May.

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