Milano Marathon 2023: info, route and timetables

Milano Marathon 2023: info, route and timetables

Milano Marathon 2023

Next Sunday, April 2nd, the 21st edition of the Milan Marathon will start, a foot race that includes a 42.195 km route through the streets of Milan. A competition that for some years has foreseen "three days of sports events" (Milan Running Festival) organized in City Life, the same district chosen to locate the Marathon Village, exactly at MiCo, which is transformed into a large hub for the occasion expository. Milano Marathon attracts enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world every year, with over 5,000 participants in recent years.

To participate, you need to purchase a ticket, available directly on the official website, at a cost ranging from 59 euros to 92 euros, depending on the enrollment period (below date increases). It is possible to register until March 31st, a few days after the actual start. The registration fee includes delivery of the bib, insurance, technical and medical assistance, refreshments during and after the race and much more.


Which roads will be closed during the Milan Marathon 2023? Can you still pass? The route of the Milan Marathon is a circular route, with departure and arrival in Corso Venezia, with minimal altitude variations. The course has been measured and approved at national and international level by official FIDAL and World Athletics/AIMS measurers.

--> The itinerary chosen by the organizers has been practically the same since 2015; the route winds through the streets of Milan, with passages in the most famous places in the city: Hippodrome, City Life, Parco Sempione, Piazza Duomo, Moscova and Porta Venezia. Some streets, closed during the event, will open in the late morning (10.30) to allow the passage of residents and non-residents, while others will remain closed until the time limit expires (about 3.30 pm). A substantial change in circulation is expected in almost all of Milan, as reported on the official website and shown in the image that we insert below.

--> In any case, we specify that the streets will not all remain closed for the entire duration of the route but only for a few small moments so as to avoid a massive traffic block and the possibility that the road network could go haywire.


The departure is scheduled for 9:00 in Corso Venezia, with the meeting currently set for 7:00; it is possible that small changes relating to the timetable will be communicated over the next few days.

The time limit to finish the marathon is 6h30 ′ and there are two intermediate gates necessary to understand one's pace in relation to the timetable: the first gate is at km 21.1 after 3h15' of the race (about 12:15) and the second at km 27.8 after 4h20' of the race (about 13:30). In case of delay, the Milano Marathon employees could ask the slower participants to withdraw, getting on one of the buses made available, or continue the race on the sidewalk instead of on the roadway.

After the times indicated above in fact, the progressive reopening of the roads is foreseen, on the basis of the tender authorization issued by the Municipality.


Milan Marathon