Star Trek: Kotobukiya's new Bishoujo figure is wonderful

Star Trek: Kotobukiya's new Bishoujo figure is wonderful

Star Trek

Kotobukiya is ready to expand its well-known line of Bishoujo figures with a new proposal dedicated to all fans of the Star Trek franchise.

Kotobukiya art in the Star figure Trek

The Kotobukiya figure company has announced the arrival of a new series of statues dedicated to the 1966 Star Trek television series, so as to give its contribution to a true legend of American cinematic history.

--> Photo: ©Kotobukiya Kotobukiya has therefore announced the first of the three planned statues, showing through a series of official images the first piece of the collection, depicting a Vulcan science officer in the typical design of the Bishoujo line.

Photo: ©Kotobukiya --> From a design point of view, Shunya Yamashita has therefore given life to a new retro interpretation of the famous Vulcan salute, also maintaining a series of distinctive features such as pointed ears, arched eyebrows and a uniform cut hairstyle with clear lines. Being a static figure, it comes with a well-decorated display base, depicting the surface of a planet from the series, so as to offer a total immersive experience to all fans of the series.

The technical characteristics

As far as the purely technical aspects are concerned, the Kotobukiya figure is made of PVC and, given the 1/10 scale, its overall height is about 22 cm.

Price and Release Date

Kotobukya's Vulcan Science Officer for the Bishoujo line is currently up for pre-order and priced at approximately $129.00. Its distribution on the market is expected from September 2023. For further images and information, please visit the official product page.

--> Furthermore, if you are a fan of the franchise and want to add another piece to your collection, we inform you that on Amazon you can find a special Home Video box set available for purchase containing 22 DVDs dedicated to the original Star Trek series.