Man on Fire: film with Denzel Washington becomes a Netflix series

Man on Fire: film with Denzel Washington becomes a Netflix series

Man on Fire

Netflix has decided to bring Denzel Washington's famous film Man on Fire to the small screen in a new version: a TV series. From what we can see, it will retrace the story of former bodyguard John Creasy.

The Man on Fire TV series on Netflix

According to reports, the plot of the Netflix television series will be directly inspired by the first two novels by AJ Quinnell, namely Man on Fire and The Perfect Kill. The story will therefore tell the story of the protagonist John Creasy, a former mercenary who, destroyed by the death of his only friend, decides to take revenge by protecting the daughter of his fallen companion from those who destroyed his family.

--> Man on Fire To direct and write the eight planned episodes of the television series there will be the name of Kyle Killen, screenwriter and American television producer already known for the creation of the Halo series of Paramount Plus. This is a very talented professional, who has already demonstrated that he has a great ability to create exciting and engaging stories.

What to expect from the TV series

Man on Fire is a story that has already proven itself in the past to be very successful, both on the big and small screens. Denzel Washington's film was a real cult, appreciated by audiences and critics for the intensity of the action scenes, the depth of the characters, and the television series promises to be an even more ambitious project. It raises the bar with the promise to delve even further into Creasy's difficult story, so as to excite the audience with an even more complex and engaging storyline.

--> While waiting to find out more information about it, we remind you that the 2004 Man on Fire feature film directed by Tony Scott and starring the iconic Denzel Washington, is currently available in DVD edition on Amazon.