Kia EV9, unveiled the new Korean 100% electric SUV

Kia EV9, unveiled the new Korean 100% electric SUV

Kia EV9

The Korean house Kia has finally unveiled its new 100% electric SUV to the world: it is called the Kia EV9 and promises to offer a lot of cutting-edge technology, without forgetting style and personality, all based on the E platform -GMP developed by Kia and Hyundai from which the other electric models of the two companies have already been born.

The world debut of the Kia EV9 is expected at the end of March, but we already have a lot of new specific information on the new 100% electric SUV, let's start from the outside: the philosophy with which this SUV was designed is defined by Kia as " opposites united”, “opposites that come together”, a philosophy that combines simple and clear-cut elements, capable of inspiring safety and serenity, with futuristic and innovative elements such as for example the lighthouses that develop vertically. From the side, the view gives us geometric shapes, such as the outline of the wheel arches or the line of the windows that closes in a triangle that joins the upper part of the tailgate. There is no shortage of handles flush with the bodywork, an increasingly frequent element on high-end electric cars such as this Kia EV9.

Moving inside, we find ourselves in a space dedicated to the absolute comfort of its passengers: habitability is at the highest levels and the technologies integrated into the passenger compartment make life on board a real experience. All of the technology integrated on board, or at least a good part of it, is available to all occupants of the cabin, thus avoiding concentrating most of the functions in the driver's area, so that the whole family can fully enjoy the on-board travel experience of EV9. The design of the passenger compartment is elegant, without however ever forgetting functionality and ergonomics; the materials are refined and of high quality, and there are abundant compartments for storing all the objects that we want to keep in the car.

Full information on the Kia EV9 will be revealed at the end of March.