Dashlane, one of the best password managers now at 50% off!

Dashlane, one of the best password managers now at 50% off!


If you are looking for one of the best password managers, usable on any device with maximum security, we can only recommend Dashlane which, until March 27, offers the annual premium plan at half price, only €26.50 instead of €52.99 €.

The discount will be visible after applying the "shamrock50" coupon in the dedicated section, easily recognizable by the phrase "Enter a promotional code". An unmissable offer, which can only be used by new subscribers, so if you have already tried Dashlane and the plan is about to expire, you will have to use a different email from the previous one to renew it at a 50% discount.

If you've come here by chance and you don't know what a password manager, also known as a password manager, is, below we will briefly explain its advantages and why you should rely on a premium solution like Dashlane instead of a free one. This software can generate secure and complex passwords for each of your accounts, so as to make them difficult to guess, and save them on the device and then recover them with a click when needed, automatically filling in the fields of the page you want to access.

With a password manager, you no longer have to worry about remembering passwords, writing them down on a piece of paper or saving them in a text file on your device, also because Dashlane uses advanced encryption to protect your data . A very useful software for those who usually access numerous pages, but also for those who need to share their password with other trusted users, such as colleagues or family members. Dashlane promises maximum security from this point of view as well, since it will not be necessary to communicate your login credentials.

Maximum security therefore, which can only be guaranteed by a premium solution and by important companies such as Dashlane, which implements the best security standards to ensure that users do not risk losing their data or , worse, that the latter do not end up in the wrong hands. To date, Dashlane can boast of never having suffered any violations, this conveys even more confidence to the end user who, we recall, has the possibility of saving 50% on an excellent password manager until March 27th.

Read also: The best VPNs of 2023 That said, we just have to send you directly to the page dedicated to this offer, reiterating once again the invitation to take advantage of this discount, given that the valid time to take advantage of it is not that much.

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N.B: insert the coupon "shamrock50" to receive the 50% discount. Make sure the price updates before completing the payment.

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