Samsung Galaxy Watches save lives with health features

Samsung Galaxy Watches save lives with health features

Samsung Galaxy smartwatches have proven to be real lifesavers. According to testimonials shared by Samsung, the health-related features and sensors of these devices have helped save the lives of some users.

An example is that of a user who owns a Galaxy Watch5 Pro. Thanks to the ECG function of the smartwatch, the user discovered that he was suffering from cardiac arrhythmia – a condition that can have serious and fatal consequences – during a visit to a local clinic.

The user had purchased the Galaxy Watch5 Pro in November 2022 and had decided to try the ECG monitoring feature out of “pure curiosity”. The results shown by the device – including sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation – prompted him to share the data with a local clinic and general hospital for further follow-up.

Thanks to the discovery of his condition, the user he is now receiving proper care. He is on medication and will undergo heart surgery in April. “Thank you to the Galaxy Watch 5 for detecting the symptom and the developers at Samsung who created the ECG function,” he said as shared by SamMobile.

Another story shared by Samsung is about a user who owns a Galaxy Watch4. “ If it wasn't for the Galaxy Watch 4, I wouldn't have recognized the seriousness of the problem. I am so glad I bought the Watch4,” he said.

The user regularly checked his heart rate using the smartwatch's built-in sensor. These checkups led him to seek professional help, and after several tests and examinations, he was diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia – a condition that can have serious complications and lead to a heart attack.

Heartbeat sensor is available on both watch models worldwide. However, ECG sensor functionality is currently limited to a select few markets. Samsung is working to expand the availability of the ECG sensor to more regions.