Twitch collapses in November 2022: what happened?

Twitch collapses in November 2022: what happened?

Twitch collapses in November 2022

It seems that Twitch is experiencing a progressive decline in its viewers ; obviously nothing alarming, but still interesting to observe in relation to the overall approach that the general public has had towards him in recent years.

Twitch During 2020, Twitch undoubtedly exploded as a platform, thanks to the pandemic and the various lockdowns that did not give people many alternatives to spend their time at home. This dynamic then turned into real growth which stabilized over the next two years, to then arrive at a quite considerable drop in viewers for the month of November.

First of all, the situation was reported by the guys at, pointing out that current viewership stats were the lowest since September 2020, with 1.69 billion hours of content watched in November, and a 10% drop in viewership since October, making it the largest from that of 15% in June 2021.

Certainly this is not the first time that Twitch viewers have behaved in this way, highlighting that even last November it had lost 10.3% of viewers, compared to views the previous October. The reasons for these transformations linked to the use of the platform, especially in the month of November, can be traced to American holidays and general commitments, including sports, which probably shift the attention of the general public elsewhere.

In addition, we remind you that many streaming professionals are slowly transitioning from Twitch to YouTube Gaming for salary reasons, bringing their own communities with them, not to mention all the toxic issues inside the platform, together with the loss of additional viewers due to elimination of gambling and the contents dedicated to it.

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