Not only 007, the authors of Hitman present a new fantasy IP

Not only 007, the authors of Hitman present a new fantasy IP

Not only 007

After returning with great fanfare with a new Hitman trilogy, the guys from the talented studio IO Interactive are experiencing a period of great news. Just a few years ago we witnessed the announcement of their next project; a new video game about 007 entirely based on the universe created by the writer Ian Fleming. But apparently, this will not be the only new experience being developed by the Danish studio, which has announced a second new project in these hours.

The announcement came to the account by surprise Twitter of the studio, where we not only discover the very first details on this second project from IO Interactive, but we can also set our sights on a very evocative artwork. We don't yet have a name for the next game from IO Interactive, but we do know that it will be a new adventure in the online fantasy RPG genre, and that it is a very ambitious and daring project for the Hitman team.

Apart from this initial information, the study took advantage of this sudden announcement to open a series of positions for developers who are interested in embarking on this new adventure within the Danish studio. By opening the application link, you can find out more about this project that will generate a new IP that will allow players to immerse themselves in a fantasy world full of stories, characters and adventures.

A new adventure begins at IOI . Join the party and help us realize our vision for a bold new online fantasy RPG:

— IO Interactive (@IOInteractive) February 28, 2023

The artwork that accompanied the announcement allows us to see three very different characters and, probably, belonging to three different fantasy races. In addition to a dwarf and an elf, there seems to be an adventurer wizard in the middle of the two. An announcement that is certainly attracting a lot of curiosity and that allows us to see IO Interactive outside the Hitman series, which has brought the studio to well-deserved popularity.

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