Lol: Who laughs is out, the comedians revelation and those who have let us down

Lol: Who laughs is out, the comedians revelation and those who have let us down


** Lol 3 ** ** ** made its debut on Prime Video a few days ago, with the aim once again of making the Italians laugh a lot, however, trying not to make the comedians laugh instead, the protagonist of this ruthless format . Waiting to understand how this new cycle will end (the last two episodes are available from March 16) and therefore who will win out in an exceptional cast that goes from Nino Frassica to Luca & Paolo, passing through Marina Massironi and Brenda Lodigiani, let's look back at the last two editions that already set streaming records.

Where and when to see the latest episodes of Lol 3 The wait for fans is almost over: after the success of the first part, the last two episodes of the third season are also on the way. Who will be the winner of the 2023 edition? The aim here is to review which protagonists of the past seasons have surprised us the most, positively or negatively, despite obviously the indubitable stuff of all the participants. Therefore we will not find in the list comedy monsters like Corrado Guzzanti or Virginia Raffaele , stainless talents like Mago Forrest or Katia Follesa , or even those who have become columns of the program itself like Frank Matano and Maccio Capatonda . Rather let's review those who, with their performance, have revealed new, more or less convincing sides to us. Waiting to update the risatometer with the protagonists of Lol 3.

😐 Diana Del Bufalo

Entering the second edition of the program with controversy behind her for some of her unhappy social outings, Diana Del Bufalo, the former competitor of Amici, now also an actress and singer, has not given great proof of her talent, indeed appearing a little tarnished both in her sketches and in the interaction with the other competitors.

πŸ˜•  Luca Ravenna

Perhaps one of the best-known names in Italian stand-up comedy, voice together with Edoardo Ferrario of the very popular Cachemire podcast, Luca Ravenna was among the very first eliminated from the first season of Lol. His more humble character works perhaps more on the stage of a club than in the studio of this programme, where he can readily put himself to the test.

🧐 Angelo Pintus

Angelo Pintus was certainly one of the star performers of the first edition of Lol, furthering an already quite successful career. Catchphrases like “Did you f * gato? " took root but also established his type of comedy, a little foul-mouthed and shot in the face. Many liked it but perhaps moderating the tone a bit would have helped.

πŸ₯Έ Caterina Guzzanti

Caterina Guzzanti is, like the rest of her family, a sacred monster. In the first season of Lol she demonstrated that she is able to manage the rules of the game very well, arriving practically unscathed in the final stages but being disqualified precisely because she was excessively on the sidelines. Perhaps we would have preferred to see her looser and the protagonist of many amusing moments as she has always accustomed us.

πŸ€“ Max Angioni

Max Angioni's career, before entering the second season of Lol, was a career rather short: after the revelation on Italia's Got Talent, to then move on to Zelig and now to Le Iene.In the programme, despite his lack of experience, however, he has shown a not indifferent competitive grit and comic verve, which have imposed him as a d one of the most genuine surprises of her season.

😝 Michela Giraud

For years one of the most ironic and transgressive protagonists of Italian comedy (a world too colonized by males too), Michela Giraud has finally found its mainstream consecration with Lol. Her crazy Mignottone immediately became a viral hit and we also hear about Giraud all the time.

🀩 Lillo

You can't make a list dedicated to Lol without celebrating the revelation, or rather the rediscovery of an extraordinary comic talent like Lillo's. We used to see Pasquale Petrolo - this is his real name - in a steady couple with Lillo & Greg, but thanks to this program we got to meet all the funniest sides of him, including the catchphrases So 'Lillo and Posaman. Finally, even this great Italian comedian has all the recognition he deserves.