JOJO Lands: one of the protagonists makes fans discuss

JOJO Lands: one of the protagonists makes fans discuss

JOJO Lands

Since its first announcements JOJOLands had begun to fuel some discussion within the community of fans of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Now that it has finally revealed itself to the general public, many have been amazed in front of one character in particular: that of Dragona. This would be the first trans protagonist to appear as a member of the Joestar family.

JOJOLands: one of the protagonists causes fans to discuss in terms of gender

Based on what we know (via ComicBook ) in JOJOLands we will have Jodio and Dragona Joestar as the main characters of the narrative. These two are brothers and their goal is to make sure they have enough money to take care of their mother Barbara Ann Joestar. Based on this, the two choose the path of crime, perhaps more immediate in this sense.

In Dragona's description we learn of the fact that she is 18 years old and that she attends high school. Furthermore, both Joestars exploit the power of their stands to try to achieve their goals. In the first chapter of JOJOLands Jodio describes Dragona with these words:

My brother's name is Dragona Joestar and he's 18 years old. He wakes up every morning to jog on the beach, never skipping a day. For breakfast he only eats watermelon. 'I will never try too hard, but I will never give up' is one of his mottos, a mantra he says he heard from his Indian yoga instructor. He loves women's fashion and works in a Kalihi boutique called Iko Iko. His chest is a bit big because he gets special injections even though I've never seen him do them.

Such a description, accompanied by the drawings of the character, has obviously fueled a series of doubts about its genre, even if the situation seems clearer than ever. Furthermore, many have also begun to reflect on the fact of having two protagonists who seem equally important in this new story. Obviously this is not the first time in which Araki (Creator of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. If you are interested in recovering the other manga as well, you can find them on Amazon) shows us a story with more Joestars together. We just have to wait for new details.