Few games and fewer hours in front of the screen: the sketch of The Game Awards 2022

Few games and fewer hours in front of the screen: the sketch of The Game Awards 2022

Few games and fewer hours in front of the screen

If you have high expectations for The Game Awards 2022 maybe you should review your priorities. Indeed, during a Q&A carried out on Twitter, Geoff Keighley revealed some details of this year's show, which certainly will not please all those who expected big announcements and have somewhat ruined anyone intending to spread fake news about it to the various announcements that we will see in just under a week.

Let's start from the duration of the show: historically the TGAs have always been a fairly punitive event towards us Europeans, forcing all residents of the European Union and more generally of our continent to stay awake from the early hours of the night until the light of dawn. This year it won't be like this. While he couldn't directly confirm the show's length, Geoff Keighley said The Game Awards 2022 will be shorter. This does not mean that the show will end in an hour and a half, but it is very likely that the whole thing will last just two hours.

The topic of video games and big announcements, on the other hand, was taken very seriously by the staff behind The Game Awards 2022. During the Q&A, Geoff Keighley stated that there will certainly be some beautiful announcements, but not all of them will concern highly anticipated games. Perhaps it is useless to hope for the presence of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. On the other hand, it is easier to believe in announcements such as the arrival of the Diablo 4 open beta. Clearly we are ready to be proven wrong, but the feeling is that it will be a show in line with that of previous years, much shorter .

The Game Awards 2022 will be held on December 9th at 1:30 am Italian time. During the event, Valve will give away a Steam Deck every minute. Participation details (including account requirements) are available here. Keep following Game Division  for all the news and upcoming announcements.

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