Claudio Anastasio, who is the public manager who copied a speech by Mussolini in a company email

Claudio Anastasio, who is the public manager who copied a speech by Mussolini in a company email

Claudio Anastasio

A word-for-word quote from the Matteotti murder claim of Benito Mussolini, used for a corporate communication. The story that led to the sudden resignation of Claudio Anastasio, now ex president of 3-I spa, placed at the top of the first Italian public software house by the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni can be summarized as follows.

In one email sent to the members of the Board of Directors of 3-I, a company owned by Inps, Inail and Istat for the development of software for the public administration, Anastasio copied and pasted the speech given in Parliament by Mussolini, after the assassination of the deputy socialist Giacomo Matteotti by the comrades. An intervention considered by historians as the beginning of the fascist dictatorship.

“Well, I declare here, in the presence of you, and in the presence of the entire Italian government, that I assume (only me!) the responsibility of 3-I (political! moral! historical! ) of everything that happened. If more or less mangled sentences are enough to hang a man, stake out and rope out! If 3-I was my fault, I am responsible for this, because I fed this historical, political and moral climate in my role”, reads the email reported by Repubblica.

The only difference between this and the original text is the absence of the word “fascism” , replaced by Anastasio with the company name “3-I” . Such a striking resemblance that it led the same 3-I executives to become suspicious and look for it on the internet, thus discovering where the former president had found inspiration.

A serious gesture for its content and for the banality from which it was born, i.e. the conviction of being able to easily reuse the same rhetoric with which the dictatorship publicly and with impunity claimed, for the first time, the murder of one of its most important opponents.

Matteotti, deputy of the Unified Socialist Party, was kidnapped and murdered in a car by a fascist mob led by Amerigo Dumini, on June 10, 1924, due to his denunciations of fascist electoral fraud and their violence. After a few months, Mussolini assumed "political, moral and historical responsibility" for the assassination. Immediately after that speech, the same one used by Anastasio, Parliament approved the very fascist laws.

Anastasio and Mussolini: if this is the "human capital" of the right The manager of 3-I, just appointed last autumn , sends a delusional email to the board of directors quoting the Duce's speech on the Matteotti crime. The fascist citation would be enough to justify his resignation but at the base there is also a theme of institutional ignorance and transparency

Who is Anastasio

Claudio Anastasio, born in 1969, is a manager who has dealt with the management and development of aerial systems and technologies for the Leonardo Group, to then found Tnotice, a company specializing in electronic registered mail. In December 2022 he was commissioned by Giorgia Meloni to lead 3-I, as part of the creation of the first Italian public software house.

Following the publication of his email in Repubblica and the scandal that naturally ensued , Anastasio communicated "the irrevocable will to resign from my position as member of the board of directors and president of the company 3-I spa with immediate effect". In a much more concise and less uselessly high-sounding communication, also reported by Repubblica .