Acer under attack: 160GB of data for sale on the dark web

Acer under attack: 160GB of data for sale on the dark web

Acer under attack

The well-known Taiwanese manufacturer Acer has recently suffered a severe blow: its computer system was hacked by a group of hackers who managed to steal 160 GB of information . Subsequently, the data was sold on the dark web, leaving no trace. The company promptly reassured its customers that their personal data had not been compromised, but also expressed its concern that the stolen documents contained confidential information used by repair technicians.

The hackers said they stole technical manuals, software tools, backend infrastructure details, product model documentation for phones, tablets, and laptops, BIOS images, ROM files, ISO files, and product replacement digital keys ( RDPK). In addition, some screenshots of technical diagrams of the Acer V206HQL display and confidential documents have been published as proof of the theft. To purchase the data, the group requested payment exclusively via the Monero ( XMR ) cryptocurrency, which is difficult to trace.

Photo Credit: Bleeping Computer The biggest concern is that the leaked information could be used for illegal purposes such as blackmail, identity theft and fraud. Additionally, disclosure of Acer's backend infrastructure and product models could expose the company to new cyberattacks.

This incident is just the latest in a series of cyberattacks that Acer has experienced over the years. In March 2021, for example, the company was hit by REvil ransomware, which demanded a $50 million ransom. In October of the same year, aftermarket systems in India were hacked.

This too unfortunate case puts us in front of the evidence that no company is immune from cyber attacks. Computer security is an increasingly important issue and prevention and prompt intervention are essential to limit damage.