Pop! _OS skips Ubuntu 22.10 to focus on COSMIC

Pop! _OS skips Ubuntu 22.10 to focus on COSMIC

We know that Ubuntu 22.10, nicknamed “Kinetic Kudu”, will be launched on October 20th, with the Beta version arriving tomorrow, September 29th. This release will introduce several new features, starting with the quick settings panel in GNOME 43, new features in Nautilus 43 and more.

Currently Pop! _OS, the "user friendly" distribution of System 76, based on Ubuntu, is stuck at version 22.04, but, apparently, there will never be a version 22.10. The company, in fact, uses the COSMIC desktop environment, built in Rust rather than relying on GNOME extensions, and it would be rather problematic to be able to follow all the Ubuntu releases.

Developer Michael Murphy explained, via a message posted on Reddit:

There is little need to redo Pop on 22.10. 22.10 is not an LTS release, so if we released it, we would be forced to re-release a new version of Pop every six months until the next LTS, 24.04. It takes a lot of effort to support Pop, as well as supporting multiple Ubuntu releases and the six month cycle affects development time and product stability.

Photo Credit: System 76 Pop! _OS 22.04 is an LTS (Long Term Support) version and will be supported until April 2027. The distro uses its own and Ubuntu repositories and also integrates some non-open software source, such as various network card or GPU drivers.| ); } In case you want to try Pop! _OS, you can download it directly from the official website at the following address in three different versions (one normal, one with support for NVIDIA video cards and one for Raspberry Pi 4).

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