Someone cloned Unreal Engine 5, selling it on Steam

Someone cloned Unreal Engine 5, selling it on Steam

Someone cloned Unreal Engine 5

It seems incredible, yet it happened: someone cloned part of Unreal Engine 5 and then put it up for sale on Steam. No, we're not kidding: the news surfaced on Twitter, thanks to a twitter from Antonio Freyre, Mexican developer, who revealed to the world the existence of Worldmaker, officially a development tool that allows users to create their own worlds. but which is actually nothing more than a copy of the Epic Games engine.

On Steam the situation is decidedly grotesque: there are just 9 reviews available, all of them very detailed and full of details. According to the developer, the clone would have sold around 200 copies, for a gross profit of over $ 1,000. A very respectable figure considering that this operation was launched just four days ago. Too bad, however, that all the reviews are blatantly fake and we don't know how many of these people have asked for a refund after realizing the reality behind this operation.

that looks like they're only talking about sshots and videos made with those assets in his 'game'? not full rights afaict?

- blanko (@BlanksaGoner) September 4, 2022

Respawns Star Wars FPS Will Use Unreal Engine 5

This one is worth keeping an eye out for.

Respawns Star Wars

Respawns Star Wars

If you didn’t already know, Respawn Entertainment is developing a first-person shooter Star Wars game, and the development studio has announced today that the upcoming game will also use Unreal Engine 5. The news of Respawns Star Wars game using Unreal Engine 5 comes as no shock because that seems to be the way the tides are turning for future video games, but the confirmation is still music to our ears.

The news was announced by the development team itself on Twitter. Melissa Janowicz is the team’s Lead Combat AI Designer, and she revealed the details today in response to a Twitter user asking what engine the team would be using on this future game. Janowicz originally posted a tweet that announced the team was searching for skilled developers for Respawns Star Wars first-person shooter. The roles in question are for a Narrative System Designer and a Senior Mission Designer – they shouldn’t be too hard to come by.

Wanted to say that the Star Wars FPS team here at @respawn is hiring! We are looking for multiple designers:🎮Narrative Systems Designer🎮Senior Mission Designer

Links to the job postings in the 🧵:

— Melissa Janowicz (@deedlite) August 30, 2022

Hi, Preston. Our project is on Unreal Engine 5!

— Melissa Janowicz (@deedlite) August 30, 2022A Twitter thread regarding the breaking news about Respawn using Unreal Engine 5

As you can see from the Twitter thread, an inquisitive Twitter user responded to the ad, not with their interest but with just a few simple words “I wonder what engine the team will be using?” in response, Janowicz replied, “Our project in on Unreal Engine 5.” The smallest of Twitter interactions between a hyped-up fan and the Lead Combat AI Designer for the game has led to quite the announcement, who would have thought that?

As we mentioned earlier though, the announcement itself is not that surprising because Respawn Entertainment has always had a positive relationship with the Epic Games engine, it would almost be rude to not use it at this point. The relationship between the two is so loyal that Respawn even prefers it to Frostbite, owner of Electronic Arts, of which he is a first-part developer. It really is the natural step for Respawn to use Unreal Engine 5, due to the studio having so much success in the past for previous games. The hugely successful Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from 2019 was made with the previous model, Unreal Engine 4, and even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the upcoming sequel Jedi: Survivor will most likely use the latest version of the engine.

Apart from this news though, nothing is really known about Respawns upcoming first-person shooter. However, the success of the previous Star Wars games that were released from the studio means that this could be quite the game. The other big first-person shooter to use the Star Wars brand was the Star Wars Battlefront series. The original games were a huge success when they were released in the 2000s, but the reboots were met with a notoriously mixed reaction, although some improvements were made in the 2017 sequel. Here’s hoping this future game dislodges Battlefront though, hopefully allowing another first-person Star Wars shooter to take center stage for once.