The Last of Us, TV series: check a possible release date on the HBO app

The Last of Us, TV series: check a possible release date on the HBO app

The Last of Us, TV series

The Last of Us TV series could arrive sooner than expected, to look at the possible release date that has emerged, perhaps by mistake, on the official HBO app and which reports January 15, 2023 for what appears to be the debut of the television production.

Several Twitter accounts are relaunching the information based on what emerged from the app in question, complete with a visible screenshot, as shown below. However, the question appears rather dubious, not only because it would be a date perhaps closer than expected, but also because the title concerns a "Sneak Peek" and in the reported text we read "A preview of the post-apocalyptic drama series based on the award-winning video game series ".

It therefore seems to be a sort of special or preview rather than the launch of the actual TV series. However, we must also consider a couple of other interesting aspects: the expected release period for the HBO series of The Last of Us is actually the beginning of 2023, so the month of January still remains a possible window for this, but not alone.

Based on unspecified "internal sources" contacted by VGC, it seems that the official announcement on the release date of The Last of Us TV series is scheduled for this week, which could lead to the launch not too far from now and could justify the leaking of information ahead of time in these hours.

To learn more about the new HBO production in collaboration with PlayStation, which also sees Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann among the authors main, we refer you to our video on the actors chosen by the television network.

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