SpaceX Starlink now has 1145 satellites in space

SpaceX Starlink now has 1145 satellites in space

Another 60 units of the Starlink constellation have been successfully brought into orbit by SpaceX: now the network wanted by Elon Musk to offer a connectivity service from space is composed of 1,145 satellites. The quota of 1,440 initially set by the group to ensure full operation of the system (but with the prospect of reaching 12,000 in the future) is now shortly missing.

SpaceX Starlink, another 60 satellites: now there are 1,145

What can be defined as a public beta phase of the service was launched at the end of 2020 in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, involving over 10,000 connected users in a short time to the Internet through an apparatus that communicates directly with satellites.

The initiative aims to offer access to the Internet even in areas of the planet still affected by the scourge of the gap digital due to the lack of adequate infrastructure. His close debut in Italy is not excluded. Meanwhile, there are those who already consider it a valid alternative to 5G networks.

Starlink's satellites are in orbit about 550 km from the Earth. They are able to communicate with the users on the ground reaching a declared speed between 50 and 150 Mbps with latencies from 20 to 40 ms. For easily understandable reasons, performance is set to improve as SpaceX launches new units thereby increasing the available nodes above our data exchange tests.

Source: Engadget