Who is the most loved Pokémon? The official ranking of the 30 most popular creatures

Who is the most loved Pokémon? The official ranking of the 30 most popular creatures

The Pokémon Company has compiled the ranking of the 30 most popular creatures of the series in a top 30 that we could define official, considering that it comes from the company in question, although obviously the champion who participated in the survey is not as large as the entire world community.

In any case, this allows us to establish, at least partially, which are the Pokémon most loved by the public in general, with results that will not fail to make fans of the brand discuss. The survey was carried out by participating through Twitter and using the proposed hashtags, but it was limited to Japanese users, which could represent a certain discrepancy of tastes compared to the others.

In any case, let's see the ranking, which places Dedenne in first place, with Cincinno and Sableye following, forming the podium:

Dedenne 68,398 votes Cincinno 54,444 votes Sableye 45,562 votes Snivy 41,894 votes Magnemite 35,206 votes Swadloon 34, 204 votes Pikachu 33,125 votes Buzzwole 33,077 votes Oshawott 32,191 Flygon votes - 22.08 Whismur votes - 21,529 Piplup votes - 18,190 Chandelure votes - 18,095 Empoleon votes - 17,989 Luxray votes - 17,773 Greninja votes - 17,337 Jirachi votes - 17,254 Charizard votes - 16,243 Mimikyu votes - 15,797 Inteleon votes - 15,540 Eevee votes - 15,524 Barbaracle votes - 15,128 Glaceon votes - 14,923 Spheal votes - 14,783 Scolipede votes - 13,806 Lilligant votes - 13,677 Bulbasaur votes - 13,424 Sliggoo votes - 13,417 Lucario votes - 13,286 votes Gardevoir - 12,534 votes

A Pokémon Presents event is scheduled for today from which we expect great news, while the rumors speak of Diamond and Pearl remake and new game with a feudal setting.

Dedenne has a decidedly "kawaii" look, which has made its way into Japan Source