Genshin Impact: launch date of Hu Tao and the Moment of Bloom banner

Genshin Impact: launch date of Hu Tao and the Moment of Bloom banner

Genshin Impact

After releasing the presentation trailer for Hu Tao, MiHoYo also revealed the launch date of the new character and its banner, titled Moment of Bloom.

Hu Tao will be available starting March 2, while the banner will remain active until March 16th. The debut of the young fighter will mark the beginning of the second part of version 1.3 of Genshin Impact, All That Glitters. In addition to Hu Tao representing the five-star featured character, the drop rate of four-star fighters such as Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Chongyun will be increased. Also this time the "pity system" will be active: all players, after a total of 90 pulls, will have a guaranteed five-star character, with a 50% chance that it may be the character in the foreground of the banner, in this case Hu Tao. The Epitome Invocation Banner with the Staff of Homa weapon will also be active until March 16, an excellent choice for the main DPS.

Hu Tao, remember, is described as the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor . She is a Pyro-type character who fights with a rod and possesses the following talents:

Secret Spear of Wangsheng: she deals six quick hits; when charged, she consumes a certain amount of stamina to launch a forward lunge that hits all enemies in its path; Guide to Afterlife: Consume a portion of her HP to fend off nearby enemies and enter Paramita Papillo state; damage increases based on the number of HP present upon entering the state, and enemies suffer the Blood Blossom effect, receiving Pyro damage every 4 seconds; Spirit Soother: Hu Tao summons a glowing spirit that deals Pyro damage to multiple targets. Genshin Impact is available for free on PC, Android, iOS and PlayStation 4, and is also backward compatible with PS5.

‘Genshin Impact’ Reveals Hu Tao Banner Date, Time And Rate-Up 4 Stars

Genshin Impact


Things are getting real as Hu Tao is nearly upon us in Genshin Impact. After showing off the character yesterday, Genshin Impact has now confirmed the date, time and her companion 4 stars for her banner.

Hu Tao will arrive:

Tuesday, March 2 at 18:00 server time (usually in the afternoon in the West).

She will have Xiangling, Chongyun and Xingqiu as her 4 star rate-up buddies.

In addition to this, Hu Tao will get a story quest that will go live at the same time, and will be permanently unlocked and available if you have hit AR40 or above. A few days later on March 5, there will be a new Vishaps and Where to Find Them event, which may be one of the last for this patch.

Hu Tao’s banner will be like the last two banners, Xiao and Keqing, and run for two weeks, as we are moving away from the three week rotations we saw for many months before this. I am not sure whether this is better for miHoYo or the players. More banners means more chances at different heroes, but a shorter time means more limited availability and less time to grind Primogems during that period. Though there’s a pretty hard limit on how many you can get, anyway. All in all I think it’s probably…better? I’d rather have more banners more often, I think, especially if they’re starting to bring back old featured characters like Venti, which they’re doing in the next patch.

As we learned yesterday, Hu Tao is a pyro DPS hero, combining elements of Xiao’s kit, where she sacrifices health to do elemental damage, and Childe, where she activates an elemental damage mode that lasts for a period of time, and marks enemies for constant DoT. She’ll be a good addition to a team, though if you just got Xiao, it feels like she may serve kind of the same role, and certainly is not a support character, that much is clear.

I am still debating whether or not I’m going to go for Hu Tao. I just finished powering up Diluc who should occupy almost the same role as her on my team, plus he’s a Claymore. I do have a spare level 90 5 star spear sitting around, waiting to be used by someone other than Xiangling, however…

Speaking of Xiangling, I have both her and Chongyun constellation maxed, so not feeling those rate-ups. I do need a lot more of Xinqiu, however, so if I get him, that will be nice, and he makes for a great support with his rain swords.

Anyway, see you next Tuesday.

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