48-hour non-stop marathon: Watch Party, let's see two films with you!

48-hour non-stop marathon: Watch Party, let's see two films with you!

48-hour non-stop marathon

The program of the Everyeye non stop marathon starts to be defined, scheduled from 11:00 on March 3 and until the same time on March 5: 48 hours of non-stop live broadcast on Twitch with lots of activities that will also involve the community. > Among the many occasions that will see your participation (we will soon reveal the complete lineup) we would like to point out in particular the Watch Party initiative, which will allow you to see and comment two films together with the editorial staff.

Two appointments scheduled: Thursday 4 March from 01:00 to 03:00 in the morning we will see Sonic The Film while Friday 5 March at the same time will be the turn of the horror film Quella Casa nel Bosco (Cabin in the Woods). Two very different films, the first dedicated to one of the most iconic characters in the world of video games (which this year is about to celebrate its thirtieth birthday) while the second is a not very recent production but with many points in contact with ours. favorite pastime, hence the choice to include it in the schedule.

How to participate in the Watch Party? It's very simple, the first requirement of course is to have a Twitch profile connected to your Amazon account with an active Prime subscription (if you are not a subscriber you can try Amazon Prime for free for thirty days). To do this you will have to go to the Twitch account settings and look for the "Links" tab, from here you can check that the Connect button is active next to the Amazon item. Otherwise, enter the login details of your Amazon.co.uk account to associate the two profiles. Done!

Watch Parties are active only from web on desktop (not compatible with Safari on Mac), unfortunately the functionality is not yet available from mobile. You will not have to download additional plugins or apps, just add yourself to the Video Party as soon as we provide you with the sharing link or simply search for one of the two films on the dates and times indicated and click on the Video Party button.

That's 60's showing Valentine's Day some love with ad-free music channel on Freeview

LONDON, Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Do not disturb! The UK's number 1 music-based TV channel, That's TV, will rebrand to That's 60s on Freeview this weekend, and for the first time ever, will go completely ad-free so millions of lockdown lovers across the UK can truly get into the spirt of Valentine's Day.

The '60s Love' rebrand will see some of the hippest music from the swinging sixties broadcast non-stop for 48hrs to over 5 million homes on Freeview channels 7 / 8 as well as across the UK on internet-connected TVs on Freeview channel 264.

That's TV has grown to be one of the most popular nostalgic entertainment channels in the UK, regularly watched by 4 million viewers per month. The channel, which traditionally broadcasts hits from the 70s and 80s, is rolling back the years and introducing music from the 40s, 50s and 60s for the very first time following the Valentines Weekend.

That's TV's Chief Executive, Dan Cass, commented:

'This Valentines Weekend will be like no other and we wanted to do something special for lovers partying at home. People of all ages view the 60s as the era when there was renewed sense of hope and idealism. This special love weekend is intended to allow lovers to reminisce about their favourite music and relive the era when love was in the air and flowers were in the hair.

'When there is so much to worry about in the world today, we want to help people enjoy what matters most in the world – love and peace. And to allow lovers to really enjoy the weekend, it will be a 48 hour free love marathon that allows the music to do the talking and is completely free of all commercials or other interruptions.

'We are excited to be bringing free love to Freeview across the UK. This will be a tribute to the music that millions of us fell in love listening to and, by dropping commercials, brings real meaning to the phrase All You Need Is Love. It will be an entire weekend of the hottest hits from the 60s to warm the hearts of all music fans.

'That's TV has traditionally played much-loved music from the past five decades and we are excited to be extending that to the 40s, 50s and 60s with our new show That's Golden Oldies which will broadcast twice a day every day from Monday 15 February.'

The 60s Love Weekend will broadcast love music and the biggest sounds of the 60s for 48 hours from the stroke of midnight on Saturday 13 February on That's TV on internet-connected TVs on Freeview channel 264 (UK-wide). That's TV also broadcasts in 20 metro regions of the UK on Freeview channel number 7 or 8 (channel 7 where available in England, channel 8 in Scotland, South Wales, Cumbria and York).

Following the end of the ad-free 60s Love Weekend That's TV will launch its new schedule which includes That's Golden Oldies, playing the best music from the 40s through to the 70s, daily at breakfast (6-9am) and late evenings (10pm-midnight).

Note to editors:

  • The That's TV network is part of That's Media, the UK's largest holder of local TV licences. The company now operates 20 of the 34 local Freeview licences granted by Ofcom broadcasting in 5.5 million homes in Scotland, South Wales, North West England, Yorkshire & Humber, East Anglia and the South of England. That's TV is operating a model designed to deliver local TV news on weeknights alongside a network programming 'spine' comprising music and nostalgic TV.
  • That's TV is also available UK-wide on the Vision TV channel on Freeview channel 264 on compatible internet-connected TVs (sometimes known as Freeview Connect).
  • The That's TV Network reached over 4.8million viewers in the four weeks ending 17 January 2021, the highest monthly reach of any music-based TV channel in the UK. (Minimum 3 minute consecutive viewing. Source: BARB total three screen viewing)
  • Alongside its network schedule of nostalgic entertainment, That's TV's regional Freeview services deliver local news and information content providing a voice for people living in the towns and cities of the UK.
  • Freeview is the UK's largest TV platform built into most TV sets sold in the UK. The That's TV network is formed of That's TV's 20 local TV licences and national Freeview Connect channel.
  • That's TV broadcasts free-to-air (subscription-free) on Freeview 24 hours per day:

    Freeview channel 264 (internet-connected TV sets)


    Aberdeen & North Scotland – Freeview channel 8Ayr & West Scotland– Freeview channel 8Dundee & East Scotland – Freeview channel 8Edinburgh and South Scotland – Freeview channel 8Glasgow & Central Scotland – Freeview channel 8


    Cumbria – Freeview channel 8Lancashire – Freeview channel 7Manchester – Freeview channel 7


    Humber – Freeview channel 7 & Virgin Media channel 159North Yorkshire – Freeview channel 7York – Freeview channel 8


    Cambridge & West Anglia – Freeview channel 7 & Virgin Media channel 159Norfolk & East Anglia – Freeview channel 7 & Virgin Media channel 159


    Hampshire – Freeview channel 7Oxfordshire & South Midlands – Freeview channel 7Thames Valley – Freeview channel 7Salisbury & Wessex – Freeview channel 7Solent & South Coast – Freeview channel 7Surrey & South East – Freeview channel 7


    Swansea Bay & South Wales – Freeview channel 8 & Virgin Media channel 159

    That's TV exists to serve the public. That's TV strives to maintain consistent values, standards and processes to secure this aim. That's TV is committed to diversity and inclusion in all of its activities as a business imperative.

    That's TV and its associated companies aim to make a positive contribution to the communities they serve by operating a sustainable business; to be transparent and provide a safe environment for activities; to promote talent and informed citizenship; to put in place appropriate policies to guard against bribery, corruption and human trafficking within the Group and its supply chains; and to provide a television network which dutifully reflects the interests of its audience.

    SOURCE That’s TV