Good deal PS4: -16% on God of War

Good deal PS4: -16% on God of War

Good deal PS4

Amazon is currently offering an attractive discount on the latest installment in the God of War series. The latter takes place in the Nordic countries and makes you play the terrible Kratos, now accompanied by Atreus.

Amazon promo: God of War

In this new episode of God of War, the hero will evolve in a Nordic inspired world, very forest and mountainous. In this beat-them-all, a child will accompany the main hero, being able to learn from the player's actions, and even gain experience.

Buy God of War for € 16.70 instead of € 19.99

What you need to know about God of War

Logan's review Score: 20/20

Kratos slices, cuts, but strikes before right in the heart of the player. By turns fierce, contemplative, moving and funny, God of War redefines the eponymous series without refuting its past to which it is intimately linked by its history. There is no doubt that this opus will not put all the fans in agreement because depending on the expectations, the story of Kratos and Atreus will probably speak to you more or less. However, beyond the choices made at all levels by the developers, God of War exudes sincerity and remains a gigantic piece of bravery driven by his astonishing narration and his fierce desire to develop his hero while offering an incredibly generous adventure. . God of War had left his mark on the PS2 and PS3, this new component stands out for itself on PS4 as the best beat'em all of the machine and incidentally the best current representative of the genre, nothing less. We invite you to consult our full review for more information on this title.

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The best cheap PS4 games

Best affordable PS4 games

The most anticipated new PlayStation 4 games naturally come with a high price tag. If you pre-order any major title or acquire one shortly after it is released, you can expect to pay the standard $60 price tag. Many of the big studio games are offered in deluxe editions as well, letting avid gamers gain access to some fun in-game features for a higher price.

However, if you're patient, and don't mind playing popular titles 6, 12, or even 24 months after they're released, you'll score some big deals. The 2018 Game of the Year, God of War, like the rest of the titles on our roundup, is a high-quality, immersive game that can be owned now on the cheap.

How PS4 game pricing works

The standard price for a new release is $60; depending on the popularity of the title, this price may not go down for months and even over a year. In some cases, you’ll find brief sales that knock 25 to 50 percent off the price before the cost raises again.

No matter the genre, games will eventually go down in price, or at least have a temporary window where you can get a great deal. Sports games that are released annually drop steeply once a new edition is released. Franchises that regularly put out new installments will see past titles drop quickly as well.

Here, we’ve rounded up a list of popular, acclaimed games that have dropped in price by at least 50 percent of their initial price. They are likely to be on sale with some regularity, with their cost dropping down to between $10 and $20.

Which cheap PS4 games should you get?

Our take: An award-winning 2018 game, this thoughtful, violent story of gods and monsters follows a protective father and his curious son on a quest of discovery through Norse mythology.

What we like: A decided departure from past series, this installment features a more compelling story, better acting, and a fair amount of strategy. Visuals are stunning, with creative monsters, challenging puzzles, and plenty to explore.

What we dislike: Sometimes quite slow; trekking back and forth between areas can be tedious.

Our take: Inventive third-person, open-world, action-adventure featuring a determined heroine, a lush landscape, and a wilderness full of robot dinosaurs.

What we like: Tells the story of Aloi, a young woman learning about the past of her family and the world around her that's overrun with mechanical beasts. Excellent combat that involves a variety of weapons and strategies. Plenty of sidequests and high replay value. Great acting and story.

What we dislike: Battles require patience. Can leave you wanting much more.

Our take: The follow-up to one of the most lauded PS4 games (which you should play if you haven't already and also cheap) finds an older Ellie on a quest for revenge in a violent, terrifying world.

What we like: Incredible, emotional, and tense story about survivors battling in a world overrun by fungal zombies. Requires a combination of stealth, strategy, and combat. Graphics and gameplay are stellar. Diverse cast of characters. Some beautiful, tender moments.

What we dislike: At times incredibly violent and nihilistic. May need to put the game down once in a while.

Our take: One of the best installments in a franchise known for massive, open-world adventures, Odyssey takes gamers to Ancient Greece to battle at historic ruins and open waters — for both Athens and Sparta.

What we like: Vast game filled with missions, weapons, ruins to explore, and people to talk to. Terrific combat with skills to learn that cater to your style. Some unique features keep gameplay varied. Play as a male or female character.

What we dislike: Some sidequests are tedious. Large world can be overwhelming.

Our take: The ultimate loot-and-shoot game, this pack features the heralded Borderlands 2 as well as the prequel, for lively, violent, and absurd solo or co-op gameplay.

What we like: First person shooter game that features a slew of colorful, anarchic violence, and cartoonish characters for endless mayhem and fun. Plenty to explore, lots of replay value. Choose to play as different characters with unique skills; battle alone or with friends.

What we dislike: Can get repetitive; doesn't require a lot of strategy. Loud and chaotic.

Our take: The last in a series of increasingly impressive Batman games, Arkham Knight presents the biggest map, the most varied gameplay, and most notably, the Batmobile.

What we like: Fight, sneak, and fly as the caped crusader battling a slew of foes in Arkham. Gameplay is complex yet intuitive, allowing you to use a variety of gadgets and techniques to fight hordes of villains. Batmobile addition offers new fun.

What we dislike: Familiar to the other installments in the series; some side quests are repetitive.

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