Proxima Universe: A giant shooter to keep an eye on

Proxima Universe: A giant shooter to keep an eye on

Proxima Universe

The games of independent development teams are usually characterized by limited ambitions, limited to single player campaigns not particularly extensive and to limited multiplayer experiences. Vulkanic guys don't intend to identify with their peers, however, and are hard at work on a large experience!

Proxima Universe is the name of their ambitious open world first / third person shooter. This is an open world shooter where players will be able to challenge 99 other users on gargantuan-sized maps! We will only be able to test its real potential soon, when the Alpha version will be made available, but what we have seen so far makes us incredibly optimistic about the success of the project.

In the Video Preview that you can view in opening this news we went back in time until the summer of 2017, discovering the story of how Vulkanic conceived and shaped Proxima Universe. The game was financed thanks to two separate fundraising campaigns, which brought "only" 56 thousand euros to the team's coffers, raised thanks to the contribution of 2,000 backers. The developers spent a lot of time building a solid foundation that would allow them to adequately record testers' feedback. The backdrop to this large-scale war will be a real-time day / night cycle (yes, it lasts 24 hours) and random weather conditions that affect gameplay. For further details we leave you to watch the movie and the preview of Proxima Universe curated by our Giovanni Panzano.

From Venus' Atmosphere To Mysterious Signals, Incredible Findings About Aliens

Despite a range of discoveries and speculations last year about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and aliens, there is still not a definite answer whether humans are alone in this universe or not. However, some of the findings on the closest planet to Earth in the outer solar system seemed to have indicated the possibility that other worlds could host organisms ranging from bacteria to other unknown technological beings. Here are at least 10 incredible findings of aliens-like creatures:

Mysterious Alien Signals Detected

Astronomers at the prestigious and coveted Breakthrough Listen Project recently spotted a strange radio signal aimed at the Earth. According to an article by The Guardian, a narrow beam came from the direction of Proxima Centauri, which is the nearest star to the Sun. The scientists started studying the peculiar signal and are now preparing a special research paper for the Breakthrough Listen, an organisation that tries to find out about the possible alien lives in the universe and in the milky way galaxy.

Alien bacteria in the clouds of Venus?

Recently, astrobiologists also found out groundbreaking potential evidence of life in the upper clouds of Venus. This announcement pointed to the presence of phosphine, a rare and often poisonous gas that on Earth is often associated with living organisms.

Oumuamua could be an alien artefact

At least two and a half years ago, a strange, cigar-shaped object hurtling through the solar system on a trajectory from far away was discovered by researchers in Hawaii. The shape was given the name Oumuamua, which is the Hawaiian term for ‘scout’. However, close observations to what scientists declared as a cosmic iceberg, reveal that ‘Oumuamua was accelerating almost as if someone was pumping energy into it. As per reports, Avi Loeb, a Harvard University astrophysicist has suggested that the chunk of frozen hydrogen, the interstellar visitor could have been an alien probe pushed by a light sail.

Navy declassifies UFO videos 

The Pentagon on Monday, April 27, released three declassified videos in Washington, that showed US Navy pilots encountering what appears to be UFOs (unidentified flying objects). Although grainy, the videos depict what the Pentagon termed 'UAP' (unidentified aerial phenomena). The videos were originally recorded at different points of time. One of the videos reportedly taped an incident dating all the way back to 2004, while the remaining two were captured in 2015, according to Sue Gough, a spokesperson with the Defence Department in the US.

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Milky Way and ocean worlds

Having significant amounts of water on or just beneath the surfaces, the Ocean worlds are reportedly common in outer space. Apart from Earth,  Jupiter's moon Europa is believed to host large seas under its exterior icy shell and Saturn's moon Enceladus is also known to have watery geysers spewing from its exterior. As per the Live Science report, there is a momentum building in the scientific community to finally send a probe or a satellite to the distant planets by sometime in the 2030s. Meanwhile, a study had also revealed in June 2020 that researchers have looked at at least 53 exoplanets similar to the size of the earth and roughly a quarter of them might have habitable conditions.

Image credits: UnsplashUFO Specialist Detects ‘Ancient Alien Jet Engine’ Remains On Mars 

A UFO specialist has reportedly detected remains of an ancient jet engine on the surface of Mars saying that the “advanced technology” was proof that Martians existed. Posting the footage on his YouTube channel, the UFOlogist Scott Waring of ET DataBase said that while navigating through archived snaps on the Red Planet by NASA’s Curiosity rover, he spotted an “engine” that has been existent on Mars’ dusty Gale crater for approximately eight years. In a published blog post, Waring detailed the material, what he said, resembled the “modern-day jet engines.” 

Maybe aliens breathe hydrogen

As opposed to most earthlings requiring oxygen to breathe, there has been speculation that aliens might survive in a Hydrogen-dominated atmosphere similar to earth bugs. Reportedly, oxygen is also not the common gas in the cosmos and makes up only 0.1% of the ordinary mass of the universe. Meanwhile, hydrogen and helium is 92% and 7%. In May 2020, researchers studied bacteria, E. coli, which is often found in the guts of several animals including humans and determined that microbes can exist in different environments. Even in a flask filled with hydrogen or pure helium.

Image credit: Unsplash

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Life around the black hole?

Furthermore, while hunting for life on other worlds, scientists also suggested the possibility of a planet circling around and heated by a black hole. Even though it sounds bizarre, reportedly, Gravitationally stable orbits are possible and the light from the cosmic background radiation. A paper released in March 2020, such arrangements could provide warmth as well as energy to any organism.

Image credit: Unsplash1,000 places for extraterrestrial beings to watch humans

'If observers were out there searching [from planets orbiting these stars], they would be able to see signs of a biosphere in the atmosphere of our Pale Blue Dot,' study lead author Lisa Kaltenegger, an associate professor of astronomy at Cornell and director of the university's Carl Sagan Institute, said in a statement. In October 2020, researchers derived a catalogue of 1,004 nearby starts that would give the extraterrestrial beings a good position to detect life on Earth.

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