Windows 10: KB4601382 update in download

Windows 10: KB4601382 update in download

Windows 10

The last days of February bring with them a new update for Windows 10: this is the KB4601382 package intended for versions 20H1 (2004, May 2020 Update) and 20H2 (2009, October 2020 Update) of the operating system. It includes a long series of bugfixes and the correction of problems that have emerged over the last period.

Windows 10: update KB4601382 available for 20H1 and 20H2

It is already in the rollout phase , to download and install it all you have to do is launch the Windows Update utility and check for availability. Alternatively, you can perform the operation manually by downloading from the Microsoft Update Catalog (link at the end of the article). As this is an optional update, the process does not start unless after the explicit authorization from the user.

Remaining on the subject of Windows 10 and updates, we remind you that within the next few months will arrive both the 21H1 package (which as already written will not be a major update) and the 10X version of the platform initially intended for laptops and which will constitute a sort of competitor for what is now Google's Chrome OS on computer of the Chromebook line. Within the second half of the year, instead, the restyling of the interface, currently known internally under the code name Sun Valley, which will intervene on key components of the layout will be the turn of the.

Source: Microsoft Update Catalog

Microsoft is finally dumping one of Windows 10’s most useless features

If you’ve always wondered what the 3D Objects folder is for in Windows 10, you’ll soon never have to see it again, as Microsoft is finally getting rid of it.

A few years ago, 3D seemed to be all the rage, and Microsoft littered Windows 10 with all sorts of 3D apps and features, such as Paint 3D, and adding 3D effects to the Photos app.

However, Microsoft’s enthusiasm for all things 3D wasn’t reciprocated by its users, and the company has been quietly removing them from Windows 10. However, the 3D Objects folder, once used by these unloved features, stubbornly remained.

Not only was it useless, it’s hard to ignore as well. Whenever you open up File Explorer, you’re greeted with a shortcut to it. It also appears in the Quick Access bar I

If you like to keep your PC clutter free, having a folder that you don’t use – but can’t easily remove – is extremely annoying.

Thankfully, with the upcoming Windows 10 21H2 update, which is expected towards the end of the year, the 3D Objects folder will no longer appear.

Weirdly, Microsoft isn’t completely getting rid of the folder – it’ll be hidden, and can still be accessed through File Explorer. It’ll reside in your Users folder.

It seems Microsoft can’t quite bring itself to get rid of 3D Objects completely, even though it is hardly used. The good news is that as an empty folder, it won’t take up any space on your hard drive, and by hiding it, it will stop bugging users.

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