How much does Final Fantasy 7 Remake cost for PlayStation 5?

How much does Final Fantasy 7 Remake cost for PlayStation 5?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been announced for PlayStation 5 with a release scheduled for June 10. But how much does the next-gen version of the Square Enix game cost and how many editions are there? Let's clarify this aspect.

The publisher has announced two different editions: Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Standard Edition for sale at 79.99 euros and a Digital Deluxe Edition proposed at 99.99 euros, the latter only available on the PlayStation Store while the former is also sold in physical format.

The Standard Edition includes Final Fantasy VII Remake and the new episode content Yuffie, not available individually and presented exclusively on PlayStation 5. The Digital Deluxe Edition additionally features an artbook digital and the original mini soundtrack which also features the song Descendant of Shinobi. By pre-ordering any edition, you will receive the Cacstar (Shuryactus) weapon for Yuffie as a bonus.

Anyone who has purchased the PlayStation 4 version of the game will get the next-gen Final Fantasy 7 update for PS5 for free. this however will not include Episode Yuffie but only the technical improvements (4K resolution, DualSense support, Photo Mode and two graphics modes). It will still be possible to purchase Yuffie episode separately (price has not been revealed), but there is no version of this extra content for PlayStation 4.

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