Is the Apple Car project still in Kia's hands?

Is the Apple Car project still in Kia's hands?

Perhaps, despite what has recently been circulated regarding a possible abandonment of the project, the development of the Apple Car could still be in the hands of Kia as hypothesized by some sources in recent weeks. This was reported by the editorial staff of the South Korean newspaper Chosun Biz, taken up by Reuters among others.

Apple Car: Kia and the bitten apple together?

One of the factors considered decisive for convincing the top di Cupertino is linked to the fact that the automaker manages a production plant located in the USA, more precisely in the state of Georgia. Other rumors have indicated Hyundai as the partner chosen by the bitten apple, but it must be remembered that today Kia is part of the Hyundai Motor Company group. In fact, both companies refer to the same parent company.

What reported today by Chosun Biz speaks of a memorandum of understanding signed last year for a collaboration that extends to eight sectors in total: among these also one relating to electric cars and another relating to technologies for the "last mile" or short-range travel, presumably in urban areas, with vehicles such as scooters, scooters and so on.

Who has hypothesized a breakdown of the partnership spoke of reasons related to the statements on the matter made publicly by the automaker. Apple would have instead appreciated the absolute secrecy on the initiative.

The vehicle in question, if it ever happens, in addition to having a 100% electric power supply will almost certainly have an autonomous driving system based on artificial intelligence algorithms on board. However, it will not arrive on the market in the short term as expected at first: no commercialization by 2022 or by 2025, now sector analysts are aiming for 2028.

Source: Reuters