United States: Biden bets everything on wind and photovoltaics

United States: Biden bets everything on wind and photovoltaics
The United States is moving ever more decisively towards green mobility and to fuel this electric revolution they are converting to renewable energy sources in order to fight climate change and improve the quality of life of people within cities; a US report underlined that in 10 years natural gas will be used less than clean energy from wind or photovoltaics.

Biden's Green plan will start with wind, which has the task of driving the sector Green energy until 2024 when it is expected that solar energy will be well developed and will overtake wind power by 2040; photovoltaics will in fact be the most profitable choice on an industrial and commercial scale but not only, it will also be very useful for small businesses thanks to tax credits of 30% on investments in this field until 2024 and which will last until 2050 with a percentage of 10%.

The potential is enormous, reaching through photovoltaics to cover 80% of total renewable energy by 2050; An analysis published by the Energy Information Administration's (EIA) in the Annual Energy Outlook 2021 compared the costs of technologies in the renewable energy field against those of traditional energy sources and highlighted that natural gas and fossil fuels will remain constant until 2050 while coal and nuclear will decline sharply.

Renewables will therefore come to represent 42% of the total energy production, an interesting but not sufficient figure that does not exploit the enormous potential of the United States; in fact, the country would have all the credentials to be powered by 90% of renewables by 2035.

The energy transition is still too slow and this could be detrimental to the environment and Green mobility, hence the request addressed to Congress to extend tax credits to 30% for another five years beyond the 2024, the ball is now in Joe Biden's hand and he will have to give the last word.