Receipt lottery, pay attention to the PEC

Receipt lottery, pay attention to the PEC

Receipt lottery

The Receipt Lottery is underway and the moment of the first draw is approaching, scheduled for 11 March. But what happens if one of your virtual tickets is drawn? The risk is in fact that, not paying attention to a specific detail, you risk a big problem.


When you access the reserved area of ​​the Lottery Portal, You can enter some data, including your PEC. By entering this data, in fact, the system will use this tool to send any victory notice. Those who do not enter the PEC, on the other hand, will receive a registered letter. Inserting the PEC therefore allows you to have immediate communication of the victory, thus allowing all the time necessary to collect the winnings within the foreseen time frame.

However, an important detail should be underlined, which could mislead many participants : the certified email must be that of the holder of the extracted ticket, otherwise the communication cannot start.

Explain the Facebook page of the Lottery of Receipts:

The only certified email which can be entered must match the tax code and lottery code of the person making the purchase. Therefore, a certified e-mail attributable to a different subject cannot be validly used for the notification of a possible win.

There is no doubt, therefore: the PEC entered is not just any reference that acts as a mailbox, but it is an official reference and as such must match the identity used for registration of the Lottery Code. Each person must therefore use only and only their own certified email, or give it up and wait with fingers crossed for the registered letter.

Source: Receipt Lottery

Lottery of receipts has ensured more than EUR 2 million into government budget - Revenue Service

RIGA - In a year and a half, the lottery of receipts organized by the State Revenue Service (VID) in a year and a half has ensured more than EUR 2 million into the government budget,  LETA learned from VID. 

Using the information from the submitted receipts, budget revenue has been increased by EUR 2,008,772. At the same time, there had been also expenses - EUR 15,189 have been used to advertise the lottery of receipts in mass media.

VID reported that information obtained during the lottery of receipts is mostly used for preventive purposes, calling on companies to correct their tax statements. Business representatives have submitted 1,441 corrections in their financial statements for taxes worth EUR 2,008,772.

Also, VID conducted probes, discovering 51 violations. Fines worth EUR 25,620 have been imposed. Thus, total budget revenue has been increased by EUR 2,034,392.