Twitter will block accounts with Safety Mode

Twitter will block accounts with Safety Mode

Twitter unveiled some interesting news during an investor meeting. In addition to Super Follows and Communities, the company led by Jack Dorsey has plans to launch features that will make conversations safer. One of them is called Safety Mode and will allow you to automatically block accounts that violate the rules of the social network.

Safety Mode to block accounts

Twitter already allows you to block an account, but this must be done manually. To make conversations “healthier”, the Safety Mode feature will soon be introduced, which automatically silences or blocks users who do not respect the rules or use inappropriate language (nicknames, insults or other offensive terms). The block will last for seven days.

If the feature is not active, Twitter will still report potentially annoying accounts. The user can then examine the behavior of followers and decide whether to block them or not. Tweets that receive "negative attention" will be reported via notification.

The novelty is added to those already introduced, such as the possibility of reducing interactions (likes, retweets and replies), the labels that indicate possible fakes news and the option that allows you to choose who can participate in conversations.

Another tool, currently available in the United States for a limited number of users, will soon be accessible to everyone. Its name is Birdwatch and provides for the contribution of the users themselves to report false or misleading information. Other news coming up are Spaces (voice conversations), Revue (newsletters) and more controls for Topics.

Source: Twitter