Teckin, smart outlet with a discount that saves money

Teckin, smart outlet with a discount that saves money


Teckin smart sockets offer two advantages: save on consumption and be aware of how much you consume. These are two components that go hand in hand because only by having full understanding of how much is consumed is it possible to have awareness of the best practices to be implemented to save. Teckin is offering today a pair of smart sockets on Amazon, so that they can be accessed at a cost of only € 19.99 instead of the traditional € 25.39: this is the opportunity to combine these tools with their appliances and thus start a new phase of knowledge and control.

Teckin: awareness of consumption saves

Teckin sockets can be remotely controlled both for switching on and off and for monitoring consumption. In this way it is possible to calculate the absorption and costs, but also to plan any actions over time in order to allow the ignition only in the hours of lower cost (at night in the case of two-rate tariff, during the day if the consumption with your own photovoltaic system).

19.99 euros of expenditure is something that falls very quickly both through an intelligent use of consumption, and simply through the full awareness that it is able to mature through the data that can be obtained from it. The application is in fact able to return all information remotely, thus being able to manage every aspect related to the examined and have full knowledge of what happens during the day. Initially, a couple of them are enough to understand the crucial aspects linked to your system and your consumption.

Polychain Capital- Guided By Tekin Salimi- Leads A $3 Million Seed Round For Clover Finance





Clover Finance has closed a $3 million seed round for building a bridge between Ethereum and Polkadot, in addition to a planned future bridge with the Bitcoin blockchain. Specifically, Clover collaborates with another Substrate project Snowfork and code unit ChainSafe to build a bridge between Etheruem and Polkadot.

The round was backed by Polychain, Hypersphere, Bithumb Global and Divergence Ventures to empower Clover to become the very first bridge in the space.

Clover’s tech backend is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a necessary step for applications like decentralized finance (DeFi) apps to work on Clover. The startup has redesigned Clover’s payment scheme to increase ease of use for ordinary consumers as well. For example, Clover has a dynamic fee schedule that increases costs proportionally to use.

Project Chief Burak Keceli shared:

“Clover is also planning to become the first non-trust bridge in the crypto industry.”

The Financing Round 

The financing was guided by Polychain general partner Tekin Salimi who went onto characterize the transaction:

“We believe Clover’s timing for launch gives it a unique edge to leverage upcoming Bitcoin protocol upgrades to facilitate two-way pegs between Bitcoin and Ethereum,” Polychain general partner Tekin Salimi said in a Telegram message to CoinDesk.

“One of the challenges prior Bitcoin-Ethereum bridge attempts faced was in Bitcoin’s limited scripting language. We think the Bitcoin/Ethereum bridge is the most interesting feature, as it’s unique to Clover.”

The peg, in theory, would allow value to move between EVM-styled chains like Ethereum and Clover and the largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

Which, would be, in point of fact, a huge leap forward for macro picture crypto trading.

For more information on the deal, please visit https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/now/clover-finance-raises-3m-polychain-181029307.html