E3 2021: the live event from the Los Angeles Convention Center has been canceled

E3 2021: the live event from the Los Angeles Convention Center has been canceled

E3 2021

After being forced by the Coronavirus emergency to cancel E3 2020, the best known and most influential videogame event in the sector, ESA had promised a return in style in 2021, with a "Re-imagined" formula ready to kick off on June 15th this year.

The complete lineup of the new E3 has never been revealed, but the organizers had already promised us streaming events, recorded presentations and digital activities with content participation creator, among other things. Apparently an unspecified live event was also scheduled to be broadcast from the Los Angeles Convention Center, the historic location of the event, but apparently this will not happen. In fact, a long 84-page document from the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board has emerged online, in which clear reference is made to the cancellation of the live event of E3 2021, clearly for safety issues related to the health emergency.

This does not mean that E3 2021 has been canceled in its entirety. While the activities and attendees have never been revealed in detail, the re-imagined E3 should still be in the works, as ESA is currently sending several documents to publishers and media partners that are interesting to participate. Remote presentation events, keynotes, downloadable demos, and remote developer and journalist meetings should all be safe. However, we do not know if and to what extent the ideas already proposed were influenced by the cancellation of the live event from the Los Angeles Convention Center.

E3 2021's Live Show Has Been Cancelled According To LA Tourism Documents

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Shocking nobody, it seems there won’t be a big, physical live E3 event this year in Los Angeles.

As spotted by Resetera user Rösti and reported by Twinfinite, newly filed documents from the Board of Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Commission appear to list E3 2021's live show as cancelled.

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Earlier this month, it was reported that the Entertainment Software Association was planning to hold E3 2021 completely digitally. This new document, part of a larger 84-page PowerPoint slideshow intended for a March meeting of the board, seems to confirm that an all-digital E3 2021 is indeed happening. In the document, it explains that the city board is working with the ESA production team on broadcast options at the LA Convention Center.

In a statement given to Kotaku earlier this month, the ESA explained that it was looking to transform the “E3 experience” this year and that it would soon have more details to share. This document and common sense point towards an E3 2021 that heavily relies on live streaming, pre-recorded segments, and Zoom interviews.

Last year, E3 was completely canceled due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. Many other events have also cancelled large, public live shows or conventions due to safety concerns.

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