Elden Ring, will we finally see him in March?

Elden Ring, will we finally see him in March?

Elden Ring

In recent months, many titles have disappeared from the radar leaving most players perplexed. Surely one of the most anticipated products by the vast majority is Elden Ring, or the new creature of the guys from From Software. Announced during (the now distant) E3 2019, the title has totally disappeared into thin air, leaving fans with a dry mouth. We know with certainty that development is progressing without many hitches, but the lack of new news is certainly making itself felt. However, according to a well-known figure in the industry, the game will show itself soon!

According to the well-known journalist Jeff Grubb, Elden Ring is ready to return to the spotlight already during the month of March. We are certainly not facing an absolutely accurate forecast as in the past Grubb himself has made many forecasts wrong. However, the well-known journalist also has a portfolio of well-chosen rumors behind him, so the news could actually be true.

“My sources assure me that Elden Ring will be back by the end of March. I have already said this several times. I don't have an exact date of when exactly the event will happen, but I have some reasons to be confident in the upcoming announcement. There is certainly the possibility of seeing everything slip during the month of April. In that case, I'll apologize, but I'm sure we won't have to wait much longer to see the new From Software game, ”said Grubb during the latest GameBeats Decides podcast.

(Speculation) New ELDEN RING News By The End Of March According To JEFF GRUBB - Part 1

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In short, according to these statements we can confirm that the journalist is quite sure of his own statements. If we also add the fact that other figures in the sector (such as Mike Minott and Imran Khan) seem to agree very much with Grubb’s words, it could all turn out to be really true. Obviously we still have to wait for official statements from From Software itself. For the moment we recommend taking the words of the well-known journalist with due pliers!

If you are interested in trying the latest product from From Software (waiting for Elden Ring) then the following link could be for you! (PS4 | Xbox)

Elden Ring news reportedly coming out in March, will we get a release date soon?

February 27, 2021 9:08 AM EST

Elden Ring has been one of the most anticipated games ever since its reveal at E3 2019. The game, which is being developed in collaboration with George R.R Martin, is going to be the latest addition to the Soulsborne franchise. The collaboration significantly boosted the popularity of the game, with a large number of non-gamers showing their interest in the game. However, much to the disappointment of fans, From Software has been pretty silent about the game. At one point it was being even speculated that the game has been canceled. While From Software debunked such rumors, fans are still waiting for more information about the game.

A recent rumor suggests that more info about the game will be coming out in March. This comes from prominent game journalist Jeff Grubb, who has been quite accurate with his leaks so far. In the latest edition of his GamesBeat Decides podcast, he mentions that his sources confirm that Elden Ring info will be out by end of March. He goes on to state that while he is pretty confident about this, it might slip into April. However, he further reassures that fans won’t have to wait a lot for it. What this information is, isn’t reveal either.

His friend Mike further corroborates this info by stating that he also thinks more information will be out pretty soon. However, considering it’s the game industry, anything might happen. That being said, he claims that there is absolutely no way “we get past E3 without seeing this[Elden Ring]”. Considering Jeff’s past record, this can be trusted to quite an extent. Fans are already getting quite impatient with the game. From Twitter users attempting magical rituals to summon information about the game to fans lashing out at From Software in general, fans are seemingly not able to wait any longer. Whether their long wait ends in March remains to be seen.

Elden Ring is slated to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.