Pokemon Presents: Pokemon Open World in feudal Japan and Damante and Pearl remake?

Pokemon Presents: Pokemon Open World in feudal Japan and Damante and Pearl remake?

Pokemon Presents

As fans of Game Freak creatures prepare to find out if the rumors about the return of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl will prove to be true or not, a well-known insider takes the floor.

From the pages of the Reddit forum, in fact, PracticalBrush12 user shares an intriguing indiscretion to say the least. After sharing corrected leaks on Pokémon Sword and Shield, Monster Hunter: Rise in the past and having offered many correct advances on the latest Nintendo Direct, the user presses the accelerator on the possible announcements arriving during the Pokémon Presents this afternoon. According to PracticalBrush12, Pokémon Trainers and Trainers will find two announcements waiting for them:

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: remake of the original Pearl and Diamond, would be developed by ILCA and not by Game Freak. Expected in 2021, the two titles would present a 3D chibi-style aesthetic and a combat system mostly borrowed from Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield; Prequel of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: the remakes would not be in the hands of Game Freak because the software house would be engaged in a different project than usual. Specifically, the Japanese team would be shaping an open world Pokémon set in a Sinnoh at the time of Feudal Japan. The game, whose possible title would be "Legends Arceus", shouldn't arrive before 2022; As usual, we invite you to remember that we are talking about unconfirmed rumors, but the wait to find out more will not be long. The Game Freak broadcast is scheduled for this afternoon: you can follow the Pokémon Presents live on Everyeye's Twitch Channel, we are waiting for you!

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