Pokémon Arceus legends: let's get to know the Starters and the Legendary creature

Pokémon Arceus legends: let's get to know the Starters and the Legendary creature

Pokémon Arceus legends

The announcement of Pokémon Arceus Legends undoubtedly proved to be the most exciting moment of the Pokémon Presents that aired yesterday, February 26. This is a completely new video game, which will accompany trainers in a Sinnoh of the past to experience new adventures.

Pokémon Legends Arceus will pay homage to previous titles in the series and at the same time will introduce new RPG elements and action. Trainers will be able to observe Pokémon to learn their behaviors, sneak up on them and throw a Poké Ball very different from the one they knew. They will also be able to let their Pokémon fight with the wild ones, throwing their Poké Ball nearby and then choosing the moves among those they know.

The story will take place in a distant time, when no one yet imagined that you could become a Pokémon Trainer or a Pokémon League could exist. The Sinnoh region is different from the one they will be able to visit again in Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, and the trio of Pokémon starters is also quite unusual, being made up of monsters from three different regions and arrived in Sinnoh together with a Pokémon Professor. The story will also revolve around the Legendary Pokémon Arceus, which some say would have shaped the universe.

Starter Pokémon


"Rowlet is a Pokémon from the Alola. During the day it accumulates energy through photosynthesis and then takes action at night. It approaches unsuspecting enemies by gliding over them without producing the slightest noise and storms them with powerful kicks ".

Category: Pokémon Aliderba Type : Grass / Flying Height: 0.3m Weight: 1.5kg Cyndaquil| >
Category: Fire Mouse Pokémon Type: Fire Height: 0.5 m Weight: 7.9 kg Oshawott

"Oshawott is a Pokémon from the Unova region. It fights with the shell on its belly. It counterattacks promptly after parrying the opponent's attack. It does not use the shell of its belly only during the fight, but also to cut the berries in half. "

Category: Otter Pokémon Type: Water Height: 0.5 m Weight: 5.9 kg

Legendary Pokémon


"It is the Pokémon known as Arceus that holds the key to this story. Arceus is said to have shaped the universe. But what is the connection between this powerful Pokémon and your adventure? " .

Category: Primeval Pokémon Type: Normal Height: 3.2 m Weight: 320.0 kg Legends Pokémon Arceus, remember, is expected exclusively on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

The Nintendo Switch Is Holding Back Games Like ‘Pok√©mon Legends: Arceus’

Pokemon Legends


This week in a new Pok√©mon event, Nintendo rolled out the game that everyone has been waiting two decades for, an open world Pok√©mon title. It’s called Pok√©mon Legends: Arceus, and while we don’t know the full scope of it, we know that it features some basic things that players have been hoping for, an open world where you can sneak up on a wild Pok√©mon, throw a ball, and get to battling in real-time.

A lot of comparisons were made between Pok√©mon Legends and Breath of the Wild, as the games share similar landscapes and even trailer shots, at times, but I’ve watched this reveal a few times now and I can’t shake the feeling that it just looks….bad.

I don’t mean the concept of an open world Pok√©mon game is bad, I mean it literally looks bad, and at this point, the Nintendo Switch is really starting to show its age. The Switch is effectively two generations behind Sony and Microsoft now in terms of power, and while no, it doesn’t need to match Series X and PS5 and has done just fine not focusing on power, there’s a limit to that. And we are very clearly at that limit. Hell, Nintendo is even getting lapped by mobile games like Genshin Impact in terms of visuals.

Pokemon Legends


Games like Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey or Animal Crossing are able to hide the Switch’s graphical shortcomings to some extent through cartoony graphics or art design. Breath of the Wild is a beautiful game despite the Switch’s lack of power, but despite the comparison to Legends here, I absolutely don’t see that same kind of carryover. Legends just looks painfully dated and low quality in terms of graphics, with blurry textures and sparse landscapes dotted by fuzzy trees. It’s missing that key ingredient that made BOTW gorgeous despite the Switch’s power, and the style just doesn’t work here.

Nintendo enthusiasts often give Nintendo a pass for graphics, which I understand, but I certainly don’t think its games would be hurt by investing more into getting the Switch up to speed with its competitors, or at least being able to see them on the horizon. Why can’t we have a Pok√©mon game with gorgeous landscapes like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or The Witcher 3, even if the animation style is different? But this? This is…bad.

Pokemon Legends


I don’t think I’m alone here. After the debut of Pok√©mon Legends: Arceus, “Switch Pro” started immediately trending on Twitter, as players seem to think it’s time for the Switch to get a power upgrade, as the base system is now clearly starting to show its age after four years. There’s talk that we could see the Switch Pro or Super Nintendo Switch or whatever you want to call it this fall, but that’s not a guarantee, nor do we know what its specs might be when it does get here. Again, no one is expecting PS5 and Series X parity, or even close, especially with Nintendo’s continued focus on portability. But we’re at a point where enthusiasm for even anticipated new games is dampened by the Switch’s age and capabilities, and it’s time for a change. We’ll see what happens in the next few months here.

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