Wednesday: Jenna Ortega reveals how the Netflix series' iconic dance came to be

Wednesday: Jenna Ortega reveals how the Netflix series' iconic dance came to be


Jenna Ortega , the lead actress of the Netflix series Wednesday , recently gave some statements revealing how her iconic dance seen in the dance scene featured in the fourth installment of the series was born.

Jenny Ortega and her dance on Wednesday

Jenna Ortega, the young actress who captured the attention of the public with her performance as Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series Wednesday , has revealed which film she got from inspiration to create his memorable dance that became so popular that it inspired a real trend on the video platform TikTok, which also featured international artists such as Lady Gaga and Madonna.

Photo: © Netflix According to reports, during an interview with Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast, Jenna Ortega confessed that she took inspiration from a 1999 film called Beau Travail, directed by Claire Denis. More specifically, she admitted she was inspired by the dance performed by Denis Lavant at the end of the film, which she described as "the greatest final scene of all time". Ortega's revelation demonstrates once again how art can draw inspiration from what came before it, showing how great artists inspire each other.

Below we share some excerpts from Jenna Ortega's words :

Well I got it from Denis Lavant in Beau Travail at the end of that movie he did—oh my gosh I'll show you when we're done… greatest final scene of all time—it's him dancing. He starts with this sporadic movement and then stops. And then he goes around him. And he does whatever. And I thought it was perfect for Wednesday. So I stole it and took it.

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