Void Rivals: Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici at work on a gigantic comic project

Void Rivals: Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici at work on a gigantic comic project

Void Rivals

Robert Kirkman (Invincible, The Walking Dead ) and Lorenzo De Felici (Kroma), the creative team behind Oblivion Song , have joined forces to launch a joint comic universe called Void Rivals . A few days ago the project was officially announced by Skybound Entertainment, anticipating that at its debut, in June, this story will also present a particular surprise for those who are interested.

Void Rivals

Void Rivals: Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici working on a gigantic comic project

Such news can only appeal to all those who loved both the comic and the animated series of Invincible (if interested in recovering it in paper form you can find it on Amazon ), created by Kirkman, with also his other works and those of De Felici. For the moment, apart from a preliminary description, we don't have much more on Void Rivals, even if given the creative quality of its authors, a very interesting work will surely await us.

Below you will find the description of Void Rivals (via ComicBook):

In Void Rivals, war rages around the Sacred Ring, with the last remnants of two worlds that have collapsed around a black hole in an endless war. However, when pilot Darak and his rival Solila both crash land on a desolate planet, they find themselves having to find a way to escape together. Are they really alone on this strange planet? What dark forces await them along their path, threatening even the entire universe?

BREAKING NEWS from @ComicsPRO : We just announced VOID RIVALS, a brand-new series from @RobertKirkman and @LoreDeFelici coming this June!

It's the debut of an all-new shared universe… with a big surprise in the first issue!

Learn more: https://t.co/AGKYBppYFC pic.twitter.com/WQUhyeiTEV

— Skybound Entertainment (@Skybound) February 24, 2023

Said Robert Kirkman (again via ComicBook ):

With every project I make, I always try to challenge myself. One thing I've always loved to do is to start on the surface of a story, and then dig deeper into the scope and stakes as we go along. With Void Rivals we will try to create something very big, more than it has done in the past, at a much faster pace. This project will be monumental. I can't wait for people to see what Lorenzo and I have in store.