The Geforce RTX 4070 now has a possible launch date

The Geforce RTX 4070 now has a possible launch date

Apparently, NVIDIA may launch its new GeForce RTX 4070 on April 13, 2023 . The news was released by the hardware leaker @ hongxing2020 , well known for having revealed some exact dates in the past relating to other products of the well-known Californian company. The GeForce RTX 4070, based on the Ada Lovelace architecture, will be cheaper than its older sister, namely the RTX 4070 Ti, making it accessible to less demanding gamers.

3.11 update

4070 —>4/13

— hongxing2020 (@hongxing2020) March 11, 2023

The RTX 4070 will have the same AD104 GPU as the RTX 4070 Ti, but in a version reduced, i.e. equipped with 5,888 CUDA cores and with an operating frequency range between 1,920 and 2,475 MHz, accompanied by 12GB of GDDR6X memories on a 192-bit interface.

Even though the AD104 GPU has been heavily downsized, the RTX 4070 will offer a compute performance of approximately 29 FP32 TFLOPS, in line with that of the last generation RTX 3080. However, the RTX 3080 had a 320-bit memory bus and peak bandwidth of 760GB/s, significantly higher than the 504GB/s offered by the RTX 4070. As such, it's still unclear how the new card will perform. compared to the RTX 3080 in workloads where memory bandwidth is important, such as running high resolution games with anti-aliasing.

GPU FP32 CUDA Core Memory Configuration TBP MSRP GeForce RTX 4090 Ti AD102 18176 (?) 24GB 384-bit 24GT/s GDDR6X (?) 600W (?) ? GeForce RTX 4090 AD102 16384 24GB 384-Bit 21 GT/S GDDDR6X 450W $ 1,599 GeForce RTX 4080 AD103 9728 16GB 256-Bit 22.4 GT/S GDDDR6X 320W $ 1,199 GeForce RTX 4070 TI AD104 7680 12GB 192-Bit 21 GT/S GDDR6 RTX 4070 AD104 5888 (?) 12GB 192-bit 21GT/s GDDR6X 250W (?) ? GeForce RTX 4060 Ti AD106 4352 (?) 8GB 128-bit 18 GT/s GDDR6 160W (?) GeForce RTX 3070 GA104 5888 8GB 256-bit 14 GT/s GDDR6 220W $499 Since the RTX 4070 will rank below the RTX 4070 Ti, whose recommended retail price is $799, the newcomer will certainly cost less, although at the moment the official cost has not yet been announced.