Tesla, new color, brakes and glass roof for Model X and S

Tesla, new color, brakes and glass roof for Model X and S


Tesla has introduced a new color called Ultra Red in the configurator for Model X and Model S; this is the first new color introduced on these models after 7 years! But the news didn't end there, because Tesla has also improved the brakes of its cars and introduced a new glass roof.

Ultra Red, introduced as a special color instead of the Red Multi-Coat that has become part of the company's "standard" colors, looks like a very captivating red color, and on the official Tesla configurator it costs a good 3000 $: it is a darker and richer red than the previous one, further enhanced by a metallic and shiny finish. This is a novelty dedicated mainly to the American market, because in Europe and Asia Tesla already has a very similar red called Midnight Cherry Red in its catalogue.

According to Tesla, these new colors – such as the recently introduced Quicksilver in Europe – are not more expensive just because they are new, but are colors designed at the Gigafactory in Berlin, what Elon Musk has called “ the most technologically advanced bodywork in the world “: these new colors, in addition to having more layers and therefore being more resistant, are designed to give a sensation of movement and subtly modify the curves of the bodywork.

Among the innovations introduced on Model S and Model X we also have a new glass roof, designed from scratch to reduce weight, lower the car's center of gravity and consequently improve the driveability of the two cars – microscopic differences that practically no one will be aware of. able to notice in daily driving, but always appreciable.

Finally, one of the more substantial modifications, the one concerning the braking system, which has always been somewhat criticized by the owners of Model S and Model X: these two cars they are both very powerful and heavy, consequently it takes adequate braking power to guarantee the right level of safety, and to do so Tesla has begun to install new brake pads with a higher heat tolerance capacity, so as to resist more to long to strong stresses.