Tesla Investor Day 2023, more efficiency and Master Plan 3

Tesla Investor Day 2023, more efficiency and Master Plan 3

Tesla Investor Day 2023

Tesla Investor Day 2023 ended a few hours ago and it's time to sum up what Elon Musk has been saying here: we mainly talked about the new production process that Tesla plans to adopt to reduce costs by 50%, there was talk of the third part of the Master Plan – the one dedicated to the decarbonisation of the planet – and some small references were made to the future of the 100% electric range of the American company.

Let's get started from the latter aspect, given that there is very little information: during the Investor Day the Tesla designer, Franz von Holzhausen, confirmed that we will finally see the Cybertruck on the roads by the end of the year – in what volumes? We don't know, it's Tesla's typical somewhat sibylline statement that says everything and says nothing. Mention was also made of the new platform that will give life to a smaller and cheaper Tesla, but in this sense no timing of any kind has been communicated.

Speaking instead of a revised production process in order to halve costs, Tesla talked about his " Unboxed Process ", essentially a different way of assembling and producing cars: we could describe it at length in words, but Tesla did better by posting an animation on Twitter that shows us very well the differences between the two types of production .

Versus the new process they say they're working on for next-gen vehicles. pic.twitter.com/UP6bMTG8JU

— Mitchell (@strawberrywell) March 1, 2023

As regards  Master Plan 3  however, it is clear that it will be a strategy devoted to the decarbonisation of the planet thanks to the use of renewable energies and the infrastructure necessary to make the most of them: electric cars are only a first part, as are lithium batteries, and according to Tesla it will also be necessary to use hydrogen in industrial applications and find methods more sustainable ways to power aircraft and boats. According to the calculations communicated by the American company, it will take 10 trillion dollars to make this transition.