Sony's new Bravia TVs for 2023

Sony's new Bravia TVs for 2023

Sony has unveiled the new range of Bravia televisions for 2023 with seven series that span all innovation and price ranges, in particular with the main segments of the oled, mini led and led proposals. Apart from the top-of-the-range 77-inch qd-oled A95L model that installs at the top of the catalog, the choice is wide and varied with a parterre of technologies that satisfies all customers, including gamers thanks to Dolby Vision Gaming. Following the alphabetical progression, the televisions will be distinguished by the letter L (last year it was the K) at the end of the name and will welcome the XR processor which will bring on board the new XR Clear Image.

There are four series of the Sony Bravia XR range for 2023 with the common constant of 4k resolution and hdr support:

A80L with oled technology and models with 83, 77, 65, 55 inch sizes; A95L with qd-oled technology and models with dimensions of 77, 65, 55 inches; X95L with mini led technology and models with dimensions of 85, 75, 65 inches; X90L with full array led technology and models with dimensions 98, 85, 75, 65, 55 inches. The four Bravia Xr series will be able to count on the renewed Cognitive Processor Xr processor with Xr Clear Image technology which optimizes image quality by reducing noise and significantly increasing sharpness even in the most dynamic actions, also offering adaptive upscaling by applying ad hoc corrections according to the type of input signal. There are some specific technologies for certain lines such as the Xr Backlight Master Drive which always allows the best illumination of each area of ​​the screen and managing a greater number of independent zones or the Xr Oled Contrast Pro which takes care of the dynamic contrast on oled and qd-oled panels. There are also solutions for the more entry-level line, i.e. the liquid crystal line with the Xr Contrast Booster which takes care of local dimming.

The X95L range

The images are important, but the audio must also be adequately supported and therefore we continue the discussion of the Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology which exploits the vast area of ​​the TV panel as a loudspeaker or the Acoustic Center Sync which synchronizes the audio so as to exploit the TV as the central channel of a system, finally the 360 ​​Spatial Sound Mapping creates a three-dimensional sound environment.

Sony X90L

Gamers can enjoy not only Dolby Vision Gaming dedicated and capable of going up to a fluidity of 120 Hz, but also of the Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode functions that optimize the image in gameplay and streaming. Interesting is the ability to adjust all settings directly from the game menu which also supports multi-window in more extensive models such as the A95L. The operating system is Google TV with the Bravia Core application for Sony-branded streaming and the novelty of the Crunchyroll anime collection, complete with a dedicated key on the remote control.