Redmi recharges a smartphone in less than 5 minutes

Redmi recharges a smartphone in less than 5 minutes

During MWC 2023, Redmi presented a new fast charging technology for smartphones, capable of fully charging a device in just 5 minutes.

Front of fierce battles between different brand, the ability to recharge your smartphone as quickly as possible has increasingly become an element that the average consumer places among the important characteristics when it comes to buying a new mobile phone. And Redmi seems to be willing to plant its flag firmly: during the last MWC 2023 the company presented a demo of a new 300W charger. An interesting detail, the product has the same dimensions as the 210W one: the result was obtained thanks to important optimizations from an engineering point of view. Result: in addition to maintaining the same size, heat dissipation has also been optimized.

Specifically, during the demonstration, Redmi used a modified Redmi Note 12 Pro+: this smartphone featured a 4100 mAh battery at instead of the usual 4300 mAh. During the demo, the device went from being completely discharged to 20% of available energy in about one minute, to reach 50% in two minutes and twelve seconds and completely complete the recharge in less than 5 minutes.

This interesting achievement was also made possible by the batteries mounted on the device: instead of the 10c used in the standard version, batteries with 15C cells were used here. They were also made of carbon instead of the more common graphite: this made it possible to reduce the size by about 35%. Overall, the new batteries were characterized by an "enhanced" electrolyte formula which, in addition to positively influencing charge and discharge times, significantly reduces the heat produced

At the moment there are several unknown factors affecting this new recharging technology: for example, no information on recharging cycles has been disclosed, just as it is not clear whether this new technology is intended for mass market or if it was a demonstration for its own sake.