Nintendo Switch now has a game that must be played with toilet paper

Nintendo Switch now has a game that must be played with toilet paper

Only a few days ago Nintendo Switch turned six years old, and right in this period a series of rumors about what would be the next Nintendo home console are starting to resurface. To date, however, there is still nothing official, and Switch continues not only to sell very well, but also to churn out a whole series of video games that manage to powerfully intrigue the many owners of the hybrid console.

Among all the upcoming important releases arriving over the next few months, Nintendo Switch will see its toy library expand with great and highly anticipated experiences such as The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and Pikmin 4; but not only. Among these giants there is also No Paper!, a new Japanese title that is played by inserting a Joy-Con inside a roll of toilet paper .

Well yes, you read that right, to play this crazy and brand new title exclusive to Nintendo Switch you will have to arm yourself with a roll of toilet paper. No Paper! in fact, it is all based on the motion sensor present inside all the Joy-Con of the Switch, and will require you to solve a series of puzzles to proceed in this crazy puzzle adventure. The purpose of the title, precisely, is to get a roll of toilet paper to the character who is fulfilling his physiological needs.

Although No Paper! has already been released in Japanese territory, at the moment it is not yet clear if this crazy and ingenious experience will ever arrive in the West as well. If you are madly in love with this game, however, know that it is always possible to create a Japanese account and thus access all the titles present exclusively in the Japanese version of the Switch eShop.

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