Marvel Comics relaunches Incredible Hulk

Marvel Comics relaunches Incredible Hulk

The House of Ideas has unveiled a future project that will delight fans of the Jade Giant: a new challenge for Bruce Banner. In fact, the announcement of the relaunch of The Incredible Hulk by Marvel Comics is of these hours, in which it is anticipated that the new starting point of the saga of the energetic vedastro will arrive in American comics stores next June, entrusted to the care of Phillip Kennedy Johnson (story) and Nic Klein (artwork), putting Bruce Banner in comparison with all the monsters of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Comics relaunches the Incredible Hulk with a story with horror tones

In the year in which sixty years of editorial life of the character are celebrated, after the conclusion of the run by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley, linked more to a sci-fi dimension, in which the Hulk's body seemed to be a sort of cosmic medium with where Banner could travel in his own consciousness, leaving character traits never explored until now. Almost in a sort of emotional retaliation, the future run of The Incredible Hulk seems to move in the opposite direction, entrusting the Hulk with the possibility of indulging in a perpetual war with other monsters in an attempt to suffocate the weak Banner forever.

To give us this reading key is the synopsis with which Marvel Comics itself presents the new course of The Incredible Hulk:

While a furious Hulk tries to definitively take control of Bruce Banner's body, a mysterious immortal puts against the Hulk the monsters of the Marvel Universe, in an attempt to free their creator, the Mother of Primordial Horrors. With the help of an unthinkable new friend, Banner and the Hulk will have to stop the world from plunging into darkness

This approach seems to be in the tradition of Ewing and Bennet's run, The Immortal Hulk , whose horror tone seems return in Johnson's future run, as the author himself explains:

The work that Al, Joe and all the others have done with Immortal Hulk has been so impactful and has affected me so deeply that it is impossible not to give birth to an idea that is not inspired by it. We're returning to Lee's Jekyll and Hyde-based inspirations, offering readers a monster story in the best Hulk tradition. If you loved Immortal Hulk, if you love ghost stories, if you love Marvel monsters, if you love old-school monster stories like Marvel Team-Up, and you want the best, immortal Hulk story you've ever read, don't you absolutely want to miss the return of the Incredible Hulk